Monday, December 7, 2009


tis the season to be jolly

Holidays now and I'm loving it. I'm mostly at home alone doing nothing but bum around on the computer, in front of the tv, watching series', eat whats left at home and read when I feel like it. Unless I've made plans, that's just about it. I think there's stuff to do and people to see but I'm in no hurry. I'll attempt baking gingerbread cookies this holiday. Attempt.

I was suppose to work but since they don't want me (denial.) I'm fine just doing what I'm doing. I'll slip in some holiday to Singapore, hopefully with Civicky. Then I can see Doulos one last time, meet with the awesome people, do stuff I won't do if I go with my parents like visit the night safari, laze on Sentosa beach etc. Civicky, pleaseee go!

No hype at all abut Christmas man.. except the cookies. mmmmm, they're the best with dark roast coffeeeee. Not a single christmas deco at home. I'm travelling to Camerons on Christmas day for 3 nights in a 5 star resort aka heaven. can't wait!

Life is good when you have nothing to worry about. It doesn't last long, so here I am enjoying the moment!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

What a day!

It be a day of many high's and lows... and abit of numbness in between.

Last day of school! =)
Goodbye pineapples =(
Kathy's coming back soon! =)
Goodbye pineapples =(
Clean up classroom =(
Doulos ends =(
I can wear my jeans! =)
My room is a mess =(
Dinner! =)
No parking for an hour =(
Nandos! =)
No beer =(
Send the girls back, good times! =)
Stuck in traffic =(
I got my transcript! =)
More application stuff =(
and more...

drama drama. what a day!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Sick of it all!

I hate science. It takes me at least 3 times more effort than a weird i-like-science person to figure out these stupid questions. like out of no where - calculate the heat lost by condensed steam. Was I suppose to already know immediately that I can't use the specific heat of steam because condensed steam is water? aaargh. it's getting old man. only 3 freakin books. I want to be over with it now! and the haven't-applied-for-uni thing is starting to get worrisome. HAH trust me to say that. a year later... HAH

If I had my way right now, I would go to a place where I could munch and munch and munch on something. Like nachos... mmmmm nachos. with cheese. huge ones with cheese. and then wash it down with alot of nice cold cold beer. aaahh. Only place I can think of is Chillis. Eh, not a bad idea actually.

It's November. It's busy. It's too crazy. It's tiring. I wish this crazy spell would just go past very very quickly so things can be nice again. I fucking hate disputes man.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Love the Floor

post number 120

I love the floor. I love sleeping on the floor. I love sleeping face down sprawled out on the floor. I love sleeping face down sprawled out on the floor with music around me.

Something like this. Except I'm not a cat. Um, you get the idea. Which is why I don't like football right now. It's interrupting my music.

Ah yes, I forget.

I love sleeping face down sprawled out on the floor with music around me when I'm alone at home. It's the best kind of sleep. I'm serious. TRY IT

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One day,

So I think I will put more effort into my blog. I think. Thanks alot Civicky. (note: sarcasm)

One day, I will go to South Africa

One day, I will go to Peru

One day, I will go to Mongolia

One day, I will definitely go to Swtzerland

Rorschach - where the swiss friend lives

One day, all the pink stumps will turn green and my map will be covered.

Now, I'm planning for Thailand

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page" - St Augustine

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I don't know. I don't know. I really don't know.

Doors - wooden things (maybe not wood all the time?) that open and close. That's what they're meant to do. But maybe this time, I don't want them to follow the laws of the universe. Just for me. At least I didn't ask the earth to stop spinning. I'll save that for another time.

Dreams - the images in your mind as you sleep. I think a pastor once said that beings with souls dream, which is why dogs won't. It's strange how Friday nights have become nightmare nights. Twice in a row during my Friday sleeps with similar nightmares. Nightmares where I'm aware that I'm in dreamland because I remember thinking "I better get all these images in mind, or I'll forget them when I wake up." It's strange, it has to stop.

Weekends - rest days, BFM days, do nothing days. My big fat foot la. They've become study days since weekdays have become SO TIRED LA days.


Science - I DON'T WANT TO DO

ps: Civicky, I didn't laugh, try harder.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Scrawny chicken from KFC

one hour for KFC. And he complains that he made the wrong choice. It was the wrong decision! Admit it. No, I don't want original or spicy. The chicken is scrawny he says. That is so funny.

I have books in front of me. I am so bored and so sick of it. This is all I do now, or at least what I've been doing this week so far. I can see the future (don't need a time machine!) I see myself doing about the same thing over and over again. But OH THE EXCITEMENT!



at least I won't be 10kg heavier than I was last year when all this is over ( I hope) TEN!

four more books and I'm free! forawhile

I'm so tired. thank God for Nescafe tarik (with a hint of cinnamon) 5 minutes away. I love mamak - oh how I'll miss thee

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'm just thinking. I would like to look into the future. Yes, just a glimpse, that'd be nice. To see where I am, what I'm doing, who I am etc. I think it'd be interesting. I'm so curious!! I shall build a time machine tonight. So, remember this is where you heard it first. Jasmine will build a time machine. Oh the GLORY! and the FUN! and the... CORRUPTION? I'm so Malaysian I kid myself.

Step 1:

Log out of Blogger

Step 2:

Don't sleep

Step 3:

there are more than 2 steps? man! I want to sleep. I'll build it tomorrow. Good night. Maybe I'll dream the future tonight. Save me from all the steps.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


ahh... the moon. it's so pretty tonight, so so so BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL. One bright star beside it. sigh. I miss the star filled sky. I miss the view from the sea. I miss the moon light. but just staring at it right now makes me so so so happy=)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear Civicky,

Dear Civicky,

I dedicate this post to you simply because you're the only one who I know is reading this. Yes, dedicate. It's a big deal okay!! you better think it is anyway.

"remember, remember the..." meh. Super fail. It is neither the 5th or November. I shall save that line for later. but remember because it is a happy day this September.

I shall be happy and perky and jumpy and dancy and prancy and... whatever else you are when you're sooo tired your body just pushes out happy chemicals. So tired because I had only 4 hours of sleep due to the previous four hour "nap" after arriving home from Bandung.

Ah yes, Bandung. Here are some pictures. Twas a super trip. So full of beautiful things and blessings and wonderful awesomeness and adventures with sooo much laughter and fooooooooooooooooood.

(I can't be bothered with editing. not right now at least.)

I just realized the the pictures are in the wrong order so it might be best you view the pictures bottom up.

I are lazy to write anything else (except that I climbed an active volcano). I'll caption them on facebook, when I get back on it that is. yes, I'm attempting a facebook fast. Let's see how long it'll last this time. It was two days the last time. two

Did I mention that pineapples are AMAZING and I'm so sick of LA?


ps: you better super love the key chain thing, I hunted for it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

12:34am at the 56th second of the 7th day of the 8th month of the year 09

I just thought I'd post something here since it's 7/8/09. You don't get that very often. And the hype of 12:34am at the 56th second of the 7th of the 8th month of the year 09 going around Facebook makes good prompting to at least do something about the day since 12.34 am is over. At that exact time, I think I was watching Coco Chanel, what a way to pass it right?

I think that shall be all. I also passed my 100th post without realizing it. That's how bad I am at these things, hence the need to commemorate this day while I still can. Didn't even realize when my birthday was 10/09/08 last year. MEH

Okay, I'm now blabbering to myself. But then again, thats what I do on this blog anyway yes? YES. Which is just awesome possum Colosseum.... wait for it... MUSEUM!!

My feet are itching to travel again. Going to Bandung on the 28th!! and AirAsia's giving away seats again. I really hope I score some good ones, of ANY seats for that matter. Bangkok seems very possible, maybe at the end of the year. WOOT!

"The world is just awesome."

ps: I head this yesterday on Opus(super awesome radio channel on Astro channel I-cant'-remember. um, just check on 841 la!) and then use the magic of TrackID on Ms. S and TADA!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where's the red finish line?

It's a running line of thoughts that won't stop running through my head. Is there a race going on? If there is, someone's forgotten to leave me a note. Afterall, it is my brain you know. Though from what I see, there doesn't seem to be a red FINISH line anywhere in sight. It's an endless race? um, okay, whoever started it really should stand up now and at least put a red line out front somewhere please. Don't worry, I won't kill you, probably just give you a smack, that's all. There's also something else missing. The trophies. None. Nada. Zero. A race with no finish line and no trophies. eh, this is ridiculous. Aye, the weather doesn't look good either! Constant storms, rain, wind, howling about making so much noise I can't even hear myself anymore. It's so cloudy all the time, lighten up please? This bad weather isn't good for the participants.

If only this race could just end now. That'd be super. So, where's the red finish line?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's 4am

Hi, it's 4am. What was I thinking drinking that cup of coffee at 11pm? and after a whole day of blissful sleep? It was a cup of blue mountain.. and there was an extra cup, didn't want it to go to waste you know..? I think I know. I think.. it's 4am.. I think.

It's been so hazy la, the stars still won't come out. I think someone ate the moon thinking its made of cheese. I would too actually. Cheese is so yummy. Moon cheese is even yummier. If only that person shared. There's so much to share!

I live with funny people. They're so funny, so funny, so funny.. um, ya, so funny

Funny woman : you know your friend Wai Peng?

Funny man: yes

blablabla (Talk about Wai Peng)

Funny woman: *walks away* Why pink not purple?


My fat brother is watching TV. I might join him. I would continue my book, but my eyes hurt. I can't lie down if I have my specs on. No lying down = uncomfortable. Maybe I won't join him, some woman is lifting weights on TV. Nah, its definitely a guy thing or maybe even a fat guy thing?

dum dum dum dee dee dum dum

I may get to go to Bandung! YAY to Bandung to see Telmy YAY! I have one more day to book my ticket. Waiting on Telmy. It'd be so awesome if i get to go. AWESOME POSSUM... wait for it... COLOSSEUM!

IN YOUR (smashed) FACE! Stupid bug that has been biting me all night. DIE! I think it was a mosquito. I'm not really sure. It's 4am.

There's church tomorrow and oh no! I forgot that I'm reading scripture. Don't sleep on the pulpit Jasmine! and then my fat brother is buying us lunch because he and his fats passed his exams which means he's now free of HELP. Fat brother is funny too.

Fat brother: .....

oops, I actually can't remember the funny things he say. but it's funny so I'll just go HAHAHAHAHA

My other brother is bald and in camp. He has 3 stripes whatever that means and I'm going to send him his Cartmen boxers I bought from HK.

OK, my brother is watching House MD now. Good bye. It's 4am

Oh ya here's a story of a pineapple.

Know the song Owner of a broken heart? I played it and he suddenly sang along during the chorus. I asked him what he sang and it was

pineapple : YOU WANT A LOLLIPOP!

HAHAHAHHA! I love pineapples.


Commercial break. Here's a picture for you-oh poor picture deprived blog.

Funny woman, funny man, fat brother and now-bald brother are all there. It was Christmas, my heels have broken since then.


Fat brother is funny. This is on a picture from my parents 25th Anniversary dinner. HAHAHAHAHAH

Foo Mei Yoke-This sure brings back good memories....especially of the food!! So when is your 50th Anniversary??

Jasmine Koit-think it won't be in a restaurant for the 50th. more like eating through tubes! =P

Josiah Koit-there is not enough wood in the world u can touch for that comment

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It's starless every night. moonless too. where did they all go? it's like they've been switched off by some power switch. can someone please turn it on so I can be happy again? haze, go away! rain, keep coming. bring the stars and happiness back please. thank you

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Megan Fox is a man

I'm so hungry I'm going to die. My fat brother says I'm a man. because I get grumpy when I'm hungry and the only way to make me happy is to feed me. I'm grumpy. Kill me or I'll shoot someone to eat them. KEEEEEL ME

ps: fat brother is beside me. he reads post and say I should add: I'M MEGAN FOX. there.

chicken butt pie banana strawberries fish and chips nasi lemak roti bom bom bom give me roti tissue the banana leaf can go die. SMOKED duck and porridge with vegimite!!!!! *listen to me swear through fooood*

oh no. now fat brother is saying: there's smoked duck porridge and vegimite to eat. NO TEMPTATION go die brother. DIEEEEE

oh chocolate raspberries milk and Cheerios red bean bun and noodles biscuits coffee and caramel slice. OH NO GOING TO HEAVEN NOW.

fat brother says: you go kill moth ( he has mottephobia, "i do not" DENIAL) then i will cure this for you. I SAY: GO DIE and I'm not drooling.

rumblerumblerumblerumble GO AWAY BROTHER.

I go sleep now. and not think about rumblerumblerumble. Oh ya: never say never oh wait, it's don't say don't? Don't.. no its do not use the word not. I may eat moth to kill and get rid of brother and shut rumble up. Sleeeeeeeeeeeep if i can. i need earplugs to shut rumble up. AHAHAHAHAHAHHA belly button plug connected to the ear.

sleep and die now.. bye bye

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Wednesdays used to be nice. I use to wait for it in anticipation. Wednesdays = CSI. CSI is now super not nice without Gil. I think I'm going to stop soon, but I'm still hopeful. At least Criminal Minds is showing on Thursdays. I miss Gil Grissom.

Seven pineapples. I'm wiped out. . I have a new 3 year old (turning 4 in August) boy. My mum the principle says : I only give you 2 new students and you're already so messed up. She gave me a 3 year old, she may as well have given me 5.

I'm so tired, no more Maths please.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Great Weeks

writing at 4am when I have a full day ahead of me. wait, a full week ahead of me.... stupid girl.

Mum left for camp yesterday, she'll be back Saturday night when I've left for HK in the evening. Then she leaves for Cebu till 18 and I'm back on the 17th. So no mum for 1 week. I can handle it. yes I can, yes I can. I can!! I did it for 6 and a half months =P my brothers, on the other hand, definitely can't

very old and fat brother : "how do you use the washing machine? I don't know how many scoops of soap to use!"

and I'm not around for 5 days.. we'll see what become of the house when I get back.

on another note, probably on the same key and the same time and the same piano, or violin(pick one), It's been a great week and the next week looks great too.

GB/BB anniversary dinner last Saturday. Oh my, the girls have grown. Yen May is now 14! where did time go? I remember training her in my squad when she was just a cadet - 6 or 7? Couldn't even recognize some of them. What was I thinking not going back to GB all this time? I miss it, I love it, I love the girls, I love the ministry. Say goodbye to free/sleep-in Saturdays, but it's so worth it. The dinner was sooooooo good. So proud of 1st KL!! I just dumped myself on a table full of cadets and juniors =D And to see all ye old friends again was bliss. Girls' Brigade, 1st KL, 12 years of my life. Thank you Lord

Nina is back!! Two years is too long. Spent the whole Monday with her. It was her birthday. Made a cake, had lots of cheese, she gave me her heart made of wax, laughed at nonsense and I can't wait to eat sushi in the cinema with her again.

Maybelle is 21! Gosh, 21! again, time flies. Her party's tomorrow at a club. First time. (I know right?! so noob I hear you say. I don't like la! cannot ar?) Will try my best to enjoy myself. I won't know anyone there but her. There's alcohol, okay, it'll be fine.
She stayed over last night. we went shopping today and I tried on many very high heeled shoes. It's so nice to be on top of the world!

Then it's HONG KONG! I can't wait!! and not just Hong Kong, Doulos too!!

and then... SCHOOL! or rather... PINEAPPLES! oh how I miss them. I can't wait to have my daily dose of pineapple joy again.

then then then, Singapore on Friday. Uncles birthday. Whole family will be there including the super cute niece and nephews. and Singapore means I get to see Kathy!! Yaaaaaaaay!

following that, I'll just have GB and pineapples. Life can be good =)

I should sleep. The stupid haze is back, making everyone sick, including me. mehhh

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rhymes, it's full of rhymes

It's the 18th of May today, 
More than halfway. 
It's also a holiday, 
What am I doing today? 

Oh, nothing much,
Just sitting and bumming, 
Had a good brunch. 
In front of the comp, 
facebooking and such. 

Suppose to be exciting, 
Suppose to be relaxing. 
But things don't go my way.
So suck up and sulk.

Thirty minutes more,
We'll see if things change,
Two hours more
I'm waiting for a change

London or Melbourne,
Bali or Yogyakarta?
Either way I fly away
I need this, I need to be away

BFM - Business Music station
BFM - Brave flying masters
BFM - Boeings for modification
BFM - Bout- time for moments-away
It's in a cage now,
I see gray bars
I reach out my hand now
It all seems too far

It's 8 in the morning
The brother still snoring
Coffee is not black
My morning's now whacked

The pineapples smile
The pineapples joy
Oh, a day with the pineapples
My heart is filled with their joy

My heart doesn't like my mind
My mind doesn't like my heart
It's a gruesome battle
I hate that they argue all the time

The pain and the suffering
In all of it's kind
Should never exist
God, won't you be kind?

This post is full of rhymes
I never intended it
It's elementary rhymes
But I don't care, I like it

Too much Dr Seuss perhaps
Too much green eggs and ham
Too much pestering from a pineapple 
It's okay, I'd do alot for those pineapples. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Happened?

I can't believe it's the 13th of May. Almost halfway through May already. Last time I checked April just swooshed by. What happened? In 4 months, I'm 20. When people say September, you think - end of the year. Now it's only 4 months, and 4 months ago, it was CNY. What happened? Sports day this Sat, teachers day this Sat, end of term on the 30th, HK in June, then what? 6 more months of teaching and that's it, it's 2010 - uni (Where ever it is) I can't wait for that part but must time really pass so fast? It's seems to pass faster since I started teaching. Right now, with nothing planned out after HK, I'm worried that time will just pass me by and when it's all gone, I look back and say "what happened?"  This time last year, I didn't feel this way. Doulos was almost ending and there was Australia to look forward too! I was doing something in my life, it wasn't a mundane repeat. Though can I really say my days are mundane now? I do love teaching... I may need something else. Something solid to look forward to. OM's short term mission to Turkey's very appealing. We'll see about that. I don't want to say "what happened" at the end of 2009.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Written Out

I finally decided to write. about.... I dunno la!

Today's mothers day, I forgot! I remember, then the moment I do, I forget. Like this morning, I remembered when I woke up, then when in church, I greeted the aunties good morning and they looked at me weird. I thought I was just seeing things, but then someone comes along and says "hello, Happy mothers day" and I go CRAP, I forgot. So I sit down with my coffee determind to remember. The next aunty comes up to me and I greet her "Good morning" Super fail I tell you. Lucky I remember to wish mum, though no presents this year - because I keep forgetting!

Anyway, I'm sitting here at the computer with my beer, BFM tuned in and the air con turned on. It's a good day. Though if something happened in the next 5 hours, it would make it an awesomest day. Till then, I shall enjoy this day and take tomorrow when it comes. Tomorrow Solomon comes back! Oh, how I missed that pineapple. Hernia is not something for a 5 year old to go through I teeeeell you. So 5 pineapples in the class tomorrow, I can't wait. Sometimes, I forget I get paid for what I'm doing. Such a bonus=) 

There's uni I could talk about. Been pretty set on Newcastle until Eli360 come in again and now I'm thinking about America again. The only way I can think about it is - how is America better than Australia? SO MANY WAYS - different culture, country, people. Christian uni that leads me into the faith+career path. American system - Liberal arts. etc. and the other question - how is Australia better than America? I'm so attached to Australia - the biggest reason I can think of. So I shall go along with America. I still have other things to deal with besides deciding which country. So if America really happens/can happen, then I'll stick to it. Though my heart still says Australia, Australia, Australia. I HAVE TO GET OVER IT!

The mission trip was great. Not as attached to the people as I normally am when I go up to a kampung, but I got that " I want to stay longer" feeling and it was a strong feeling. So much more to learn, see, experience etc. I got it in Australia and I was blessed. Makes me want to do it again though it isn't easy (another reason for America!) 

I'm rambling. but a post is better than no post yes? besides it's nice to have things written out. I could say more like.. I'm getting so fat but I don't care, or HK may not happen because of the porkie flu, or my rooms a big rubbish dump and I should clean it... Nah!

Well, I hope the moon comes out again tonight. Yesterday, the stars were few and little but the moon was bright and full. So beautiful....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nagging Thoughts

I've had this nagging thought in my mind for weeks, writing it down may or may not help.
I like chicken and cheese. The chicken likes cheese but I don't like that the chicken likes cheese because I like cheese. The cheese doesn't like that I don't like chicken liking cheese, so the cheese doesn't like me for not liking chicken. So I tell cheese, I never said I don't like chicken, just that I don't like chicken liking cheese! I like chicken and cheese.
The end

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I seem to have lost myself. I should look in Charlie. It may be there. Or maybe someone's already taken it. Now to open my eyes bigger to spot it and then go  "AHA! that's mine!" but then again, who'd want it? Do I really want it back? And will I recognize it? Will it be different? I hope it'll be different. 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Bed

I just got a major flashback of... the bed! I was just thinking of small lights and remembered the one on the bed. We have this little lamp above our pillows on every bed so you can turn off the main switch but still read or whatever with the light on and I remember being the last one to sleep all the time, with the only one with the light on. Then some nights, (Claudia told me) she had to climb up my bed to turn off my light because she can't sleep with it on. Apparently I fall asleep with the light on quite often! Terrible me. I also remember having to jump off the bed and the first few nights or weeks, there were a few casualties because it's low enough to climb down safely without a ladder but still high enough to have to leap a little. Oh such good times. I remember the mess I make on my bed almost everyday, mainly mess that results from me searching for stuff and dumping everything on the bed to look for it. I remember the clothes I dump on it too! Hahahahaha... I just had a flashback of me bumping my head a million times, I can't quite sit up straight on my bed, but that's not the cause of the painful bumps. It's that little shelf next to the pillow side of my bed. When I lean out to look down to talk to suanne or something, I forget there's a sharp corner right above me and BUMP. ouch. 

Safety training which happened this date (8/4) last year

Wonderful Cabin mates
(this could be a photo to gage the height of the top bunks)
My big sisters welcome
Top bunkers! See  that shelf in the middle and the corner right there? That's the evil corner!! If you have real sharp eyes, you can see a small part of the lamp below Janene's bed.

Monday, April 6, 2009


It's a strange day today. this time last year, I arrived on the ship for the first time, moved in with my cabin mates and it was a wonderful feeling. I closed my eyes earlier and allowed that vivid memory to pass through my mind. It's like I was right there again. It's really been a year, when I think about it, it doesn't feel it, but when i think about all the other wonderful things that have happened since then, i am just truly amazed at how much has/can happen. Thanks be to God.

On another note, I have strained neck and a very bad head. I need to be in bed, but i can't because I'm stuck in school waiting on mum to be ready. The kids are amazing as always but i couldn't enjoy them as I normally do. The nostalgia, the pain, the stress, doesn't make a good day. But it's only 4.30pm. I still have quite a few more hours for it turn good.

And just a note for me - Jasmine, it's everything else plus life.

Sunday, April 5, 2009




And the day has arrived! In 12 hours!! Whoa

So, packing almost done. It's 5am btw. Better sleep, else I die during my journey.

Just a little info. The email will be Comments made here would be sent there (hopefully). But if you do want to send me something, then email la. Can't access blog, so can't see chatbox.

Yeap. This is it. At last... Thaks for all the prayers so far, and don't stop! =P

Till the ship, ciao!

This time last year. I was in the airport, saying goodbye and walking down the escalator, through the gates. It feels so strange. 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

This time last year

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And it's down to 3

Three? Really? So that's about 72 hours?

Packing is a real pain. You should see my room now, I can't walk through it anymore. Created a path so I'd at least have some space to walk.

Do you know that flying is going to be so scary? Plus, I've only ever travelled twice on the plane. Once to Singapore and once to Kuching. So yeap, s.c.a.r.y

I'm going to miss school =(

ps: Please pray for safety for both Janene and I. Port Moresby is not exactly the safest place. We've been told that people can carry guns on the streets.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


six more days. I miss stuff

Saturday, March 28, 2009


It's the 28th today. This time last year, everything Doulos/away from home was set, confirmed, 100%, tickets booked, wooopeeedoo, i can't wait etc. A year later, I'm home, doing nothing really, feeling abit nostalgic. Sort of in an in between situation. I don't really miss stuff, or rather don't want to be missing stuff (the way it's been since I came home) but yet my brain's betraying me. It's allowing flashbacks to happen whether i want it to or not. I feel everything when I remember. Some days I wake up feeling like I just woke up in my cabin for a split second, I remember the constant huuuuuummm, remember waking up and knowing my cabin mates are there as well, waking up knowing I'm not on land but on a big chunk of metal, waking up thinking "I wonder what's going to happen today". Then sometimes, I remember the smell, the distinct Accom-cleaning-products smell that goes on throughout the ship.
I get all these but I'm not exactly sad about it. I looked through pictures one day, and there's this little knot I think (don't really know how to describe it), not exactly sad, but the feeling is there. you know? I don't even know.
While on the ship, I kept a daily journal, writing out everything that happened. With the time and all that. I started on the 8th of April I think. So I shall read through it daily come April 8th. It might not be a good idea, but I'll try it anyway.  

See all the ways you can stay connected to friends and family

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ms S takes wonderful pictures

Today, we had waterplay! 

I made this

Andrew (my 6 yo student) made this

Pretty Sundays

And lastly, the reson why you should never ever skip the chocolate aisle.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today, I found out what kind of music I like. I like slow rock.

ps: teaching is tiring but SUPER!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ms. S

I've been snapping away with my phone's camera. The days are really pretty and my new phone is so chun la. Have you met Ms S? because it's a w595 and not just a 595 mind you it's a 595 with an s- w595s. Let me gloat about Ms S okay? She's one of a kind, only paid half it's retail price, plus the w595s is only available in Europe and the Caribbean islands, so far I haven't seen the same model on anyone else. 

Initially, I asked for this phone. The normal w595 in black as it was the nicer color of the 3 available. Then I found out later that it's quite common, so because I'm Jasmine and I don't like to have what everyone else has, I prayed and hope I'd get a different color or something something. After waiting for 2 weeks, I thought about my phone and just prayed a short silent prayer after school, a few minutes later, my mum comes in the class announcing the fact that my phone has arrived. blablablablabla... we collect, I open and TADA!!! Ms S appears before my eyes.

So, introducing Ms. S aka Ms Sony Ericsson aka Ms Seriously aka Ms Donkey aka Ms Butt...

Ms. S

She's beautiful

With a 3.2 mega pixel camera, she takes wonderful pictures

The ONLY downside to this phone, it doesn't have a 2 way camera. So video calling won't be as convenient. But I can't have everything right?!