Monday, December 7, 2009


tis the season to be jolly

Holidays now and I'm loving it. I'm mostly at home alone doing nothing but bum around on the computer, in front of the tv, watching series', eat whats left at home and read when I feel like it. Unless I've made plans, that's just about it. I think there's stuff to do and people to see but I'm in no hurry. I'll attempt baking gingerbread cookies this holiday. Attempt.

I was suppose to work but since they don't want me (denial.) I'm fine just doing what I'm doing. I'll slip in some holiday to Singapore, hopefully with Civicky. Then I can see Doulos one last time, meet with the awesome people, do stuff I won't do if I go with my parents like visit the night safari, laze on Sentosa beach etc. Civicky, pleaseee go!

No hype at all abut Christmas man.. except the cookies. mmmmm, they're the best with dark roast coffeeeee. Not a single christmas deco at home. I'm travelling to Camerons on Christmas day for 3 nights in a 5 star resort aka heaven. can't wait!

Life is good when you have nothing to worry about. It doesn't last long, so here I am enjoying the moment!

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crappyvicky said...

yeesh the singapore post is like salt in me eyes... haha yee tien loke hotel