Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The days are getting longer now. I think it's pretty. Sun only sets at 7.30pm. Looking out my balcony, I see a pink, blue and purple sky. The night is lit up by the bright almost-white moon. I don't know why I've never noticed that days do get longer in Malaysia, only after coming back did I realize. 

It was a great week as stated in the previous post. The weekend was superb with Shaz and Aimee. I'm reminded of how much I miss Australia. 12 more months! It's going to go by so fast. At least the first 6 months for now. 

I'm currently reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Just did a major workout to get rid of the excess 5 kilos currently residing on me in the form of unattractive fats. Ash Wednesday is tomorrow, first time attending it. Cleaned out the room to accommodate my guest. Still quite clean after 2 days. Did a LPT and quite a bit of school work.

So I'm on track!! 

focus more on my spiritual relationship CHECK!
read more intellectual books CHECK!
get a little fitter CHECK!
clean out my room CHECK!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Good week

So I've a few things to write about. Last weekend I was in Singapore yes? I had an amazing time. The night before I left was good because B.O.B accompanied me, the electricity blacked out a few times and that was some fun with the brothers. Left at 11am instead of 6, had amazing Indian brunch. Journey there was quite good too. No stress. Dad actually allowed me to drive for a while but I didn't dare. So scary la!

The gathering was nice. My nice and nephew are so cute. They were the highlight of my trip. I want to go back to Singapore just to play with them. Sigh, don't grow up please! Food that night was soooooo good. Aunt from Adelaide brought the salmon, oyster, sharks fin etc. SO.GOOD. Though the worst part of the entire trip was the sleep I had that night. Hardly any blanket, air con blowing directly at me. Nose ran the entire night. Urgh. 

Fortunately the next day was good. Good breakfast - got to love Singapore for the MeePok, visited grandma's altar thing in the temple. Then super good lunch at Island Cafe in Tangs. I hear there's one in Pavilion here, must go try. Then SHOP! Finally bought 2 bags I needed and a purse. So cheap and nice! Oh and not forgetting the charms from Tangs that I almost always buy when I'm there. Bought a snail and a wine opener this time. 

We left Singapore an hour later than expected. The trip back was so good. The view was amazing, the sunset was beautiful, music was good, the stop in Pagoh was interesting. Such a great trip. Felt like I was on a real holiday and not an overnight one. 

See the things in the cupboard? Those are the altars (?) of the deceased. I think they keep the ashes behind it. 

Malaysia can be pretty too!

Lucky shot

Then it was mum's birthday the next day. Went to Westin for dinner. Good food, good wine. 

This is Justin trying to be artistic. I think its quite nice
Ostrich meat

Waiau(?) beef
Lobster. My first time

Good week. And now I have Shaz and Aimee, friends from Australia over. Very good week.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I should say this while I'm still excited
About 30min ago, I.. booked my flight to Hong Kong!
Honk if you're going to Hong Kong
So excited. Only cost me RM320 for a return ticket. 13th to 17th June. Staying with Suanne - stepper friend. And there's Joey there as well, another stepper friend. and and and.. the Doulos is there too!! I'm be going on a holiday without me parents. To HONG KONG! Country number 8 =D

God is amazing. The tickets went from 650 to 580 to 550 to 350 and just as I was about to book the 350 ones, I receive an email saying there's a 20% discount starting now and finally got my ticket for 298 ( + other stuff = 320) GOD IS SO GOOD

Thank you Lord, for answering my prayers, for blessing me, for this opportunity and everything else! I LOVE YOU

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I think I had alot of things I wanted to write out as the week went by but for the life of me, I can't remember much! 

I know that I wanted to say I've been tv-less and phone-less for about 3 weeks now and I am still alive. Not exactly tv-less though as we have a "spare" one, though not as easily accessible. Phone wise, I think I'm just lazy to get it back, and I must say I enjoy not having one at times. I don't have to worry about parents calling me unnecessarily, and there isn't any wheres-my-phone burden, or any must-remember-to-bring-my-phone burden. Though at times, I wish I had it for convenience sake. But one can truly live without that mobile device.

There's also the issue of my weight. Though not exactly weight and not exactly an issue. I think the bigger problem is fitting into my current clothing! Chap Goh Meh passed 4 days ago and I don't see myself slowing down on the food intake. Too many leftovers I think. I wish I could be discipline enough and try the no sugar thing for at least 3 days. Only 3!! and I fail everyday. Miserably. I also dream that I will start running everyday like I used to 4 years ago, but.. um, lets just stick to no sugar first okay? 

Well, it's also Valentines day. 14th of February. Every year as this day goes by, I would think if the next year's would be the same or if it'd finally be different. This year, it's just another day to me. Wasn't looking forward to it or dreading it or anything. Much like what Halloween (the holiday) is. It's still nice to receives wishes and such since it is something nice to say and to wish to others as well. I think the day Valentines becomes "different" will be when ... I actually don't know. I tried to think of it, but nothing came up. Hmmm, strange. Oh well, I'll just leave it there. 
I'm heading to Singapore today. I'll be leaving early for a family gathering. Wasn't quite looking forward to it, but I'll still go la. Family right? Plus, there'll be shopping to do afterward! And Singapore food! (oh no, I shouldn't be too happy about this)

I started with Leviticus a month or two ago. Someone advised me to just pick a book in the Bible to read. Finish the book, no matter how long or how ever, try to keep a journal etc. So I've been trying. Why Leviticus? After trying a few books, I gave up, prayed, closed my eyes and pointed at a spot. Open my eyes, open the Bible, and it's Leviticus. I know, of all books?! But then again, I attended a camp last year in Australia and the topics were on this book! I didn't doubt it then, and it's actually quite an interesting read. I'm at chapter 8 I think. Haven't touched it for 1 month? Should get back at it since no novels these days can catch my attention fully. I've been trying to read a good book. I think I switched between 3 or 4 already? Never going beyond the 50 page mark. But they're good books!! 

I still miss Australia. I miss Adelaide. I miss Canowindra. I miss the moonlight. It was hot hot hot. But if I'm right, I think the leaves are falling. I wish I didn't have to miss that. It would have been my favourite time of the year. Next year Jasmine!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Missing stuff

Ah.. frequent updates. Gives the blog a new um.... feel. I've been very forgetful these days. While shopping, I couldn't remember what I like. Until Maybelle says "oh ya, I remember you like shoes with the side designs." and then I go " I can't remember." That happened quite often, and we're talking about Maybelle here, the forgetful one. Maybe it's because there are other things filling my mind. What it is I don't even really know. I know one of it for sure, and that particular thing is not a healthy thing to think about. It keeps me awake, through the night at times. It eats up my study time, and basically does not good to me. So I've got to control my thoughts and not think about it. Hmmm.. easier said than done. I'll try nonetheless

I've also been missing the other life away from home pretty much too. I miss being able to dress the way I like and be adventures. I can't do that here, I tend to think of others "expectations" and view myself from others eyes. That's not so right, I agree. But it's society and a big part of life. I can't help it. Over there, no one knows me, no one knows how I normally dress, I have no one to compare my dressing to. I liked it. I think that may be why I forget what I like while shopping. I want to dress out of myself, but don't dare to anymore, and yet I don't want to buy clothes like I did before. 

I miss learning new stuff everyday. Learning about myself and experiencing God in an in-your-face way. Experiencing new things and meeting new people. Being in new situations and learning to handle them. Sometimes I even get sick and tired of trying to be a "new" person over here. Over there, I don't have to try as hard. It's alot easier when people don't already know you for so-many-years.

The whole spending time for myself thing isn't working out very well. I spend time for myself, I do. But not on my relationship with Him, though I pray more now. The reading more thing isn't working, the cleaning my room isn't working, getting fitter is so not happening... I side tracked pretty quick eh? Got to get back. CNY is over today. No more excuses Jasmine. Get away from the computer and do stuff! and study too! You'll feel more productive and not so useless.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

shamazing day

This was my prayer last night, among other stuff I prayed for,
'Lord, I pray for a great day tomorrow, that you bless all the fellowship and happenings, that it will be a happy one with no hardships, do as you please, fill the day with joy"
and today, i had an AMAZING day. from the time I woke up till this moment as I'm typing. Thank you Lord for this blessing and for answering my prayer.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


In between? Is that what this is called? Just drifting, doing what has to be done and just plain wasting my time otherwise. In between the old and the new. Or rather, the old and the coming. I need a change. Any kind of change. Drastic, subtle, as long as it gives me some kind of push. It's much more difficult to change myself when I'm at home compared to when I was away. Everything is familiar, nothing to challenge me, difficult to change my "preception". Change, Lord, I need change.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Age, friendship and trust. What order should they be placed in? You'll age no matter what. You gain friendship through trust and friendships last as long as you age. So is it trust, friendship and age? Without one or the other will the rest follow? But in what manner? So again, what order should they be placed in? I wonder.