Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I should say this while I'm still excited
About 30min ago, I.. booked my flight to Hong Kong!
Honk if you're going to Hong Kong
So excited. Only cost me RM320 for a return ticket. 13th to 17th June. Staying with Suanne - stepper friend. And there's Joey there as well, another stepper friend. and and and.. the Doulos is there too!! I'm be going on a holiday without me parents. To HONG KONG! Country number 8 =D

God is amazing. The tickets went from 650 to 580 to 550 to 350 and just as I was about to book the 350 ones, I receive an email saying there's a 20% discount starting now and finally got my ticket for 298 ( + other stuff = 320) GOD IS SO GOOD

Thank you Lord, for answering my prayers, for blessing me, for this opportunity and everything else! I LOVE YOU

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