Friday, July 27, 2007


I DID IT i did it I DID IT i did it I DID IT i did it I DID IT


He's the BEST and his sword is so cool1

Why do other girls like Bumblebee?

He's okay la, being guardian and all... but Prime is so darn cool! Especially when he speaks to a human face-to-face! I love I love I love this movie so much! The best effect is when the robots transform while fighting and then transform again and again and again(why am I repeating everything three times? ooo, I just remembered! You know in the movie, they also say "no, no, no!" That must be why la!) Yay, I'm subconsciously high on the movie... WEEEE! I can watch it over and over and over again!

I watched it with ring-a-bell-in-May(Maybelle) after I got another tooth pulled out. Luckily I didn't drool again, otherwise I'd drool blood!(my bro actually told me to bring a bib just incase. HAH) I did twitch again though. Could feel my heart racing when Barricade came out and fought Bumblebee for the first time!!

I stayed back after the credits and saw this scene of Starscream fly out into outerspace. There's gonna be a second movie and a third and I'm dyyying. They better do a good job with the second movie man... otherwise, I'll boycott it! Remember Spiderman? The first movie was okay, the second movie was great, the third movie was worse than the first (except for venom). If this happens with Transformers, the second movie being better than the first(hopefully the third won't be so bad la), I think I'm gonna live in the cinema.

This is production in it's FINEST! (Pirates 3 is almost as good though)

Jasmine, stop publishing posts about Transformers

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shana Logic

This is Shana Mae "no" Tock
She calls me an escargo because I'm so slow

Jasmine you're a turtle
turtle turtle turtle
you write so slow
you think so slow
and most of all you eat escargo

Just because she finished her karangan faster than me =P
If you read her blog, you'll be known as a loomer. Don't ask me why, I'm still trying to figure it out!
Shana is THE MAN, or THE QUEEN. depends on the situation. I prefer to call her SHALA. I tried writting a poem about her in return of her poem of me. I tried being as lame as her, fortunately, I failed

Shana calls me an escargo
Just because I'm slow
I call her a cheetah
Cause she's one fast mama-sita(I couldn't think of any other word to rhyme)

I remember when I told her and the freak(I'll introduce her later) a ghost story, her response was so slow. Only after a few seconds did she scream at the top of her voice!

I tend to sleep in class much, but she always wakes me up with her little bangs on the table occasionally(she's my neighboor). She also calls me SF-Science Freak! She thinks I'm obsesed with her because I got bored one day and googled "how shana's brain works" and I came accross this SHANA LOGIC, hence, my title. Shana is THE MAN bacause she's so darn strong. She's a cheerleader. Cheerleaders come across as girly, but Shana is anything but that. She's manly! There are actually alot of things that she said that are very funny, but I can't think of any now... I'll write them down when I remember and dedicate a whole entire post to "Shana's Mumblings"

She's so gonna kill me when she reads this! =P

(This post isn't as funny as I'd like it to be... )

Sunday, July 8, 2007


I think I'm getting a hang of this. I THINK. (voice inside my head "no negative thoughts jasmine!") Okay, fine. I sure(that's better)

I'm a movie buff! I don't seem like one, but I most definitely am one!

Transformers Robots in disguise Transformers More than meets the eye

This movie is so cool, I thought I was going to die right there in the cinema. I was twitching and drooling(not so bad la) and everything. Only 10 minutes into it and BOOM! Super cool action scene. I was still high on it 5 days later. Died down a little by now, but thats because I can't remember the scenes as well. Which is why, I'm gonna watch it again! (when the price goes down to 7 of course) And then buy the DVD! Rewind, slow, fast forward... SLOOOW(watch their every movement as they transform) YAY!

This year's a good one. At first, others kinda got me into the "shit, it's a sequel year again" mood. That is before I found out all of the awesome movies that are coming out!

I've got sooo many things to get high on this year!
  1. Harry Potter movie
  2. Harry Potter book
  3. The Simpson's movie
  4. Fantastic Four(ONLY for the Silver Surfer)
  5. Resident Evil 3
  6. Pirates 3
  7. Spiderman 3
  8. Oceans 13
  9. Transformers
  10. Twilight
  11. New Moon
  12. Eclipse
Oh shit! How in the world am I gonna survive this many highs?! Spiderman 3 and Oceans are up there because I was looking forward to it sooo much, but it was a disappointment la... It wasn't as great as I expected it to be. (I thought I could watch it with my brain on at all times) The last 3 on the list are actually books. The first 2 of the books I've read and gotten high on already, the last one, Eclipse, is coming out in August. (ooo, another topic to blog about)
I still have got soo many left to cross out on the list. So far, only 2 movies have been disappointing. And the super great ones thus far are Transformers and Pirates.

I'm gonna die at the end of the year. Seriously.

I got an idea! I'm gonna put up a list of wonderful movies I've watched on the side of my blogpage(I don't know what to call it) Everyone else is putting up songs, so I should do movies =)

Maybe this time, without a reminder at the end of the post, I'll remember to update. MAYBE.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So long

So long my dear friend

Jerm is crazy
Jerm is lame
Jerm is irreplaceable
Jerm keeps Joce sane (somewhat)
Jerm is my bulldozer
Jerm is Jermanizing
Jerm is a singer
Jerm is a keyboardist
Jerm is easy to surprise
Jerm is sweet
Jerm is a poser
Jerm is photogenic
Jerm is vain =P
Jerm is shorter than me
Jerm laughs funny
Jerm is a hard worker
Jerm is a Math genius
Jerm is a netball player
Jerm is a "macho women"
Jerm is gonna be an Aussie
Jerm is a Jay
Jerm is a Jerm with a Mane
Jerm is an actor
Jerm is my friend


I'll always love you Jer Mayn. You hardly ever miss school. Which means I practically see you everyday. It's not easy knowing that you're not gonna be there anymore, but knowing you're gonna come back(with candy!) is comforting. Don't you DARE forget me cause I know I'll always remember my Jermanizer =)

Love you always