Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So long

So long my dear friend

Jerm is crazy
Jerm is lame
Jerm is irreplaceable
Jerm keeps Joce sane (somewhat)
Jerm is my bulldozer
Jerm is Jermanizing
Jerm is a singer
Jerm is a keyboardist
Jerm is easy to surprise
Jerm is sweet
Jerm is a poser
Jerm is photogenic
Jerm is vain =P
Jerm is shorter than me
Jerm laughs funny
Jerm is a hard worker
Jerm is a Math genius
Jerm is a netball player
Jerm is a "macho women"
Jerm is gonna be an Aussie
Jerm is a Jay
Jerm is a Jerm with a Mane
Jerm is an actor
Jerm is my friend


I'll always love you Jer Mayn. You hardly ever miss school. Which means I practically see you everyday. It's not easy knowing that you're not gonna be there anymore, but knowing you're gonna come back(with candy!) is comforting. Don't you DARE forget me cause I know I'll always remember my Jermanizer =)

Love you always

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