Sunday, May 6, 2007

Not Bad

Not bad eh?
from a gazzilion years to 5 days *pats self on the head*
Actually, the only resaon why I'm the in "mood" to blog is that I'm waiting for my video to finish loading! Don't really know what to write about.
How about something weird. *lightbulb flashes on* SCIENCE CAMP!

My school held a science camp on the 3rd and 4th of May. No, science camp doesn't mean sleeping overnight in a room with chemicals and frogs your gonna disect. It was just a day camp thing. The guy teaching us was Sean something. Omg, when he spoke his first sentence, I hit myslef in the head and thought "shit". He's speaks like a typical chinese educated college grad whom our school people hired for idontknow what reason. Sheeeeesh.

When my elder bro Kacaus me when I study, he'd read my book imitating those kids in his previous sec. school who were cina edukatad. Like seminar would be sa-mai-neh.
These are a few things that Sean guy said during the camp. Remember, he's suppose to be TEACHING.

ethanol : I-THA-KNOW (think IKANO)
apple: AH(think screaming) PULL
raise you hand : rise up your hand
foul : fold(without the d)
Maltose : matose
probe : prob(think pro of problem with a b at the end)
razor : ra(think sun god) zor(think zoro without the o)
stop : stopper
and many many more

He also made misakes like correcting himself wrongly like what is.. what are the difference... He kept on going on like this! He even SPELLED Ethanol ethonol. After I got sooo feddup, I started counting how many times he said "okay" it came up to 20 in less than a minute. He's suppose to be teaching us man!! I wonder where he was piked up from.
When I got the cert of attendence, below his signature, it stated that he has a Bachelor of Science (with honours). I seriously wonder how he got it.
It's mean, but we couldn't help it! We laughed our heads off at some of his weird grammar. Nvm, I got the cert. And hopefully, I'll never have to go through this again.

Oh, and if any you who attended the camp with me are reading this(as if) I'm sorry for my crappy mood. When I don't get enough sleep, I get damn emo and sensitive. It's not a good excuse but I'm sorry.

*crosses fingers and hopes for a better update SOON*

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I am so retarded. I don't even know how to blog. Putting up a post once in a gazzilionmilliontrillion and whateverlion years is not good. Oh well, no one reads this pathetic blog anyway.

Know what? I'm gonna give this another shot. TRY to be CON-SIS-TENT (like thats gonna happen) I'll try the "daily journal" a shot. It just MIGHT work. I must have something happening to me everyday right? (No) Sheesh, I'm such a loser. Boohoohoo...

So, what did I do today? Well, it's labor day. I hate labor day. It's the worst holiday ever. I wish i could go back in time and destroy whoever came up with labor day. Like as if there isn't enough holidays in the calender. Bad things happen on this holiday. I thought this year would be different but NOOOO, it's the same lousy day as always(Don't want to elaborate).

I went out with my veli veli good friend maybell(Maybelle). Walked around aimlessly in KLCC, checked out the photojournalism(woo, this is a long word, never noticed!) thing they had. I noticed that most of the photographers were unknown and the known ones were Chinese men(or women, I couldn't differentiate some names) HA! and to record what? MALAYSIAN history. It was interesting. Found out some stuff I never knew about Malaysia.

After a loooong indecisive discussion, we ended up in Delifrance for lunch. Oh gosh, that place sucks. service sucked like shitty shatty shitshat. Food was yicketty yacketty yucketty yuck.(no la, not that bad. Coffee really sucked though) Had a good time talking with marble(Maybelle), talked about EVERYTHING. Ah, how I miss hanging out with her. Darn exams.

Thats pretty much about it. Except dinner at Black Canyon in Center Point. Thats place sucked more than delifrance. Service was shittier shattier shitshat. The first time I was there, it was alright. Ugh, the contrast between the two visits is drastic. So remember, DO NOT GO TO BLACK CANYON.

Hmm, lets see how long this will last this time.