Sunday, January 24, 2010

22 days!

Hello space, it's 4am again.

I leave in.... 22 days! crazy. It doesn't feel real and yet it is. I still think that I'm gonna stay at home in my room, go to school teach, come home and do nothing. That's sooo not happening anymore man. My do nothing days will stop very soon... or rather, slowly becoming do things days. Hard to believe that in 22 days I'm gonna live on my own. Literally! And that'll be a first and scary thing. My "own home", own room, own food, own stuff etc. Studying, working, etc-ing. So scary la. Then also the messing up bit which I don't want to do but will happen anyway. Also the living with other people for more than 2 months. Doulos was the longest and that was only 2 months! I wonder who will pick up the knife first. I may need ear plugs, and a punching bad and... (this is not a testimony to me killing my house mate) I don't even know the status of the house, of the place I'm gonna live in. So far, I have not expressed any desires concerning it as long as it doesn't burn my pants off. Maybe I should start eh? Then again, what would I know about house hunting in Newcastle. Well, He's brought me so far, He'll bring me further.

22 days!

Friday, January 8, 2010

So Bored La

So bored right now. At 10pm it felt like 12am. Man, I'm running out of energy... it's the teaching + 2 new kids + 3 year old + I-don't-want-to-teach-anymore. The 3 (almost 4) year old is Clay.

Me: What's your name?

Clay: I am 4!

SO cute. We made a tent in school today. Snacked on biscuits, told stories and sang songs. So awesome.

I'm so bored I found this video.

It's long but worth it. YOU MUST WATCH IT.

I think all the food I've consumed today is gonna come out the wrong way. Every time I think about it... ARGH! beh tahan!!

watch the vid on youtube instead. I edited this one to fit my blog so it's smaller than it should be. YOU MUST WATCH

Saturday, January 2, 2010



I've been listening to this song over and over and over again. Heard it on Doulos and fell in love.

I turn 21 this year. Surreal.