Monday, January 26, 2009

Attempt number two ( i think its only two)

Scratch everything I said before about trying cause I didn't. Bleh.
Whats new? Whats new? Well, life's been quite new lately. I'm turning twenty this year. From now its going to be -ty's and no more -teen's =(. Last years adventures sure have changed me. For the better in so many ways. This year so far, I've been trying to live as a new person. One who doesn't get too comfortable for too long. At first, the idea of leaving home as soon as possible was just shuper but that doesn't seem like it's going to happen. Not anytime soon at least, unless the big man up there says so. So this year, instead of starting my life away from home, I shall remain home to take time for myself. Not in the selfish way of course, more like try to brush up on my time with God, focus more on my spiritual relationship instead of social ones, read more intellectual books, get a little fitter, clean out my room etc. then with all that, I shall apply it all towards my society, friends and acquaintances and such. It's not going to easy for sure. I'm gonna lose track so so many times, but i think it'll turn out fine don't you?
So this year, after all that changing of plans, plan D (or is it E or F?) is to stay home in Malaysia, finish grade 12 by February, start work in mums school as assistant teacher/pre-school teacher in March and take the SAT's again in May. Keeping in mind that US is still an option. Then I'll leave for Newie in 2010 to finally begin my degree (Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts Primary). By then, I'd have work experience, a better spiritual self, and be more prepared for living away from home (in more ways than one).
Yesterday (25/1/09) was an eventful one, little brother turned 18, CNY eve, a friend left, a friend got married. Ah... life, you are what you are.
Alright, I shall get back to my new found love of 80's rock and maybe attempt to get into the CNY mood.

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