Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's 4am

Hi, it's 4am. What was I thinking drinking that cup of coffee at 11pm? and after a whole day of blissful sleep? It was a cup of blue mountain.. and there was an extra cup, didn't want it to go to waste you know..? I think I know. I think.. it's 4am.. I think.

It's been so hazy la, the stars still won't come out. I think someone ate the moon thinking its made of cheese. I would too actually. Cheese is so yummy. Moon cheese is even yummier. If only that person shared. There's so much to share!

I live with funny people. They're so funny, so funny, so funny.. um, ya, so funny

Funny woman : you know your friend Wai Peng?

Funny man: yes

blablabla (Talk about Wai Peng)

Funny woman: *walks away* Why pink not purple?


My fat brother is watching TV. I might join him. I would continue my book, but my eyes hurt. I can't lie down if I have my specs on. No lying down = uncomfortable. Maybe I won't join him, some woman is lifting weights on TV. Nah, its definitely a guy thing or maybe even a fat guy thing?

dum dum dum dee dee dum dum

I may get to go to Bandung! YAY to Bandung to see Telmy YAY! I have one more day to book my ticket. Waiting on Telmy. It'd be so awesome if i get to go. AWESOME POSSUM... wait for it... COLOSSEUM!

IN YOUR (smashed) FACE! Stupid bug that has been biting me all night. DIE! I think it was a mosquito. I'm not really sure. It's 4am.

There's church tomorrow and oh no! I forgot that I'm reading scripture. Don't sleep on the pulpit Jasmine! and then my fat brother is buying us lunch because he and his fats passed his exams which means he's now free of HELP. Fat brother is funny too.

Fat brother: .....

oops, I actually can't remember the funny things he say. but it's funny so I'll just go HAHAHAHAHA

My other brother is bald and in camp. He has 3 stripes whatever that means and I'm going to send him his Cartmen boxers I bought from HK.

OK, my brother is watching House MD now. Good bye. It's 4am

Oh ya here's a story of a pineapple.

Know the song Owner of a broken heart? I played it and he suddenly sang along during the chorus. I asked him what he sang and it was

pineapple : YOU WANT A LOLLIPOP!

HAHAHAHHA! I love pineapples.


Commercial break. Here's a picture for you-oh poor picture deprived blog.

Funny woman, funny man, fat brother and now-bald brother are all there. It was Christmas, my heels have broken since then.


Fat brother is funny. This is on a picture from my parents 25th Anniversary dinner. HAHAHAHAHAH

Foo Mei Yoke-This sure brings back good memories....especially of the food!! So when is your 50th Anniversary??

Jasmine Koit-think it won't be in a restaurant for the 50th. more like eating through tubes! =P

Josiah Koit-there is not enough wood in the world u can touch for that comment

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It's starless every night. moonless too. where did they all go? it's like they've been switched off by some power switch. can someone please turn it on so I can be happy again? haze, go away! rain, keep coming. bring the stars and happiness back please. thank you

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Megan Fox is a man

I'm so hungry I'm going to die. My fat brother says I'm a man. because I get grumpy when I'm hungry and the only way to make me happy is to feed me. I'm grumpy. Kill me or I'll shoot someone to eat them. KEEEEEL ME

ps: fat brother is beside me. he reads post and say I should add: I'M MEGAN FOX. there.

chicken butt pie banana strawberries fish and chips nasi lemak roti bom bom bom give me roti tissue the banana leaf can go die. SMOKED duck and porridge with vegimite!!!!! *listen to me swear through fooood*

oh no. now fat brother is saying: there's smoked duck porridge and vegimite to eat. NO TEMPTATION go die brother. DIEEEEE

oh chocolate raspberries milk and Cheerios red bean bun and noodles biscuits coffee and caramel slice. OH NO GOING TO HEAVEN NOW.

fat brother says: you go kill moth ( he has mottephobia, "i do not" DENIAL) then i will cure this for you. I SAY: GO DIE and I'm not drooling.

rumblerumblerumblerumble GO AWAY BROTHER.

I go sleep now. and not think about rumblerumblerumble. Oh ya: never say never oh wait, it's don't say don't? Don't.. no its do not use the word not. I may eat moth to kill and get rid of brother and shut rumble up. Sleeeeeeeeeeeep if i can. i need earplugs to shut rumble up. AHAHAHAHAHAHHA belly button plug connected to the ear.

sleep and die now.. bye bye

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Wednesdays used to be nice. I use to wait for it in anticipation. Wednesdays = CSI. CSI is now super not nice without Gil. I think I'm going to stop soon, but I'm still hopeful. At least Criminal Minds is showing on Thursdays. I miss Gil Grissom.

Seven pineapples. I'm wiped out. . I have a new 3 year old (turning 4 in August) boy. My mum the principle says : I only give you 2 new students and you're already so messed up. She gave me a 3 year old, she may as well have given me 5.

I'm so tired, no more Maths please.