Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Rhyme: onions help you digest by letting out gas

It's been looong! What does it matter? I'm probably the only one reading this supposed blog anyway.

The definition of my title - Mentor: A wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
I guess in my case, it's very different. I'd probably define it as: Events or people who make a permanent effect in life.

My dad asked me, who's your mentor in your life? I had to think think think and think, then I got myself a good answer. A long one too. You sure you want to read on?

I've realized over the years that friends, be it adult or teenager, often leave. Permanently. Of course, they don't intend to, it just happens. Most of them I still see, but we're not as close as we used to be. As I got older and into the whole depressing stage of life, which I've gotten over by now fortunately, the issue always seemed to be the fact that I have no close friends. I cannot point out a single friend that I can say has been through life with me or a friend that I can truly and sincerely call my best friend. I always get very envious when I see how some people will always have someone. Whenever they're bored, there's always someone there to call out. Whenever they're hurt there's always someone they can call and will drop everything else to comfort them. Sometimes, I ask God why. Can there really be a reason for me to go through these feelings?

Finally, God answered me. Yes. Of course there is. There's always a reason. The things that have happened, all those friends I "lost", they've all played such a big part in shaping me to be the person I am today. My dad asked again, I want to know who made you become the person you are today? Partially wrong question. It should've been, I want to know who or what made you become the person you are today?

I've been in the Girl's Brigade for 10 years now. 11 in 2007. All the time, I hardly ever have someone the same age as me. They come and go. There are 4 different age groups; I'm always either the elder one or the younger one of that section. So, you can imagine, different "generations" of girls throughout my 10 years there. This also means, friends who come and go. And all the time, God's shaping me. All the different girls and officers throughout the years show me the different types of people I have to deal with. Also, different people who teach me important things even though they only remain with me for a short while.

The Girl's Brigade is only one part of my life. Other than that, its school, church, and family. (That's in no particular order by the way) School, so many things. From a Chinese primary school to an all english christian based system. I don't even talk to anyone from my primary school anymore, but the experiences I can never forget. I can even point out the areas in my life where some of these happenings have changed me. Now, I've been in 2 different centers. Both using the same all english christian based syllabus, but soooo different. Being christian based, there's bound to be a religious subject - Bible. It's not just Bible knowledge. Way more than that. It has thought me so much and also changed my view of christianity tremendously. The knowledge I have of christianity, the relationship, the Bible, the faith, a big part of it came from that one subject. Of course the people in school had a part in my life too =)

Church, little things here and there. Met close friends from there. Of course, they left. Unintentionally. Played a huge part in making me me. Sometimes, I wish I never had to leave the previous church where I had friends my age I somewhat grew up with. Still see them, once in a blue moon.

Family will always be family. What more can I say? If I did, it'll have to be a different post. Argh, no way I'm writing another post! Too much. Just think FAMILY and you'll know. NO need me to type out another long winded post =P

So there you go, events and people made me who I am today. Though I may not have a definite mentor or best friend, I have sooo many different things that definitely cover that part. So what if people leave me. I learn, I appreciate, you leave, I learn more. Somehow, I have a feeling that even though I realized my life is different from others, there's more for me to discover. More of God's will for me. It's gonna be big, very big. So bring it on! God is good. He does things in different ways.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


rhyme: (no rhyme)

I haven't had the determination to post anything over the last month, but I guess this deserves to be posted.

My condolences to the Gan family as they're their eldest son Jonathan returned to the Lord on the 9th of August.
The only way I got to know of Jon's conditions was through some small talk involving Zane and Summer - his siblings who're my schoolmates. When I first heard of it, I didn't think much of it.
It was only until the day Zane couldn't attend pesta with me due to his brothers condition that I realized how serious this really was.
Went to visit him one day with someone else one day. I truly didn't expect to see Jon that way. I thought that he was just sick, that he could still talk. The reality of it hit me hard. Real hard. The thought of Summer and Zane having to deal with this at their age was mind-boggling. Even at my age, I wouldn't want to be losing anyone of my family members to cancer or anything for that matter.
After my first visit, I didn't go back until weeks later with my mum. My eyes popped open when I saw him. The last time, he was still able to sit on a chair, open his eyes, look around... This time, he just lay there! I knew he wasn't improving that much, but I certainly didn't expect to see him that way. That day, his mum invited me to his birthday party that very week.
So I went after some prompting by Zane and Sean (schoolmate and cousin of Jon), joined his family including cousins aunty uncles and all in a time of worship and celebration of his birthday. It was during the worship that I realized how very very strong his mum is! To be able to go through this with her son and still take care of two other children
and still stay positive with so much of faith. She's the strongest person I've met thus far in my life. His mum's so cool. She can talk about anything.
I didn't go back to visit him after that, just got updates through Zane and kept him and his family in my prayers. My prayer was always focused on how whatever happened, it'll be according to His will. But at the back of my mind, I really wanted Jon to recover and not leave.
The morning I found out that he passed on, I almost didn't want to believe it. I didn't want to believe that Zane and Summer lost their brother. I didn't want to believe that their mum lost her son. I
didn't want to believe.
Went to visit him after school. Saw him in the coffin. Saw his mum. Saw his cousins. Saw his siblings. Saw his aunts and uncles. The atmosphere there was just simply
sad. I couldn't use other words to describe it, because it just won't do. I really could see how much of an impact he made in everyone's life and how much everyone will miss him dearly.
This part of life, as i would call it, is just part of God's great plan. We may not always see why things are the way it is, but there are a few things that were distinct. Like how much closer the whole family have become, how much more I got to know Zane and Summer, how I got to know his super cool and super strong mum, how I got to see how much a person's life can impact others. And that's just me! Imagine all the other people who've gone through this experience and just imagine that there are more things that would happen through this. Far greater and better than our human mind can possibly imagine! I will never forget this.

Thursday, July 6, 2006


This is weird.
I am bloging... Weird. Used to hate blogs. And now I'm doing what?

There's such a term as telescoping. It is when one blends the elements of 2 words into one.
e.g. babble + log = blog

Let's see, what should I be writting about? My life? Nah, that was the whole reason why I hated blogs in the first place. All those u noe wat i do 2day crap. Yuck!
I'll just write about bits and pieces of certains happenings that I feel worthy of being posted up on the internet.

What else to make it better? *think think think*

KA-ching! I shall have a rhyme of the day at every entry! What's this you might ask,
it's just super lame rhymes that I would say or hear unintentionally like I want to watch my show while eating my mango etc. etc.

What else? What else? Heck. Just wait and see =)

Few things I should mention.

  1. I can be super siao at times and some may take it as crap.
  2. I do have different moods as do all girls and you may see some variations between
    certain entries.
  3. I am a Christian and I shall refrain from using foul words.

There may be a few things I missed out...
No worries, I'll just add on later.


Let's start!

rhyme : tonight at ten, only on axn

Jakun parents are normal.
How to open this ar? Why can't I change the channel? My phone isn't working!
These are normal. It's only when your brother who's only a few years older than you says it, then it's weird.

brother: "Let me use your phone, my phone's screen is blue"
me: "Use la"
*Fiddles with phone*
"How to open the cover??"
"Ahahahaha! So stupid! Just like mum!!"
*Fiddles with phone a little more*

It's bad enough having to deal with parents jakunness. Now brother too? Crap
whole family's brains getting fried.

Yesterday, other brother got stupid.

He snatched my blue highlighter away from me and stains my leg with a stroke.
I took it back, waited till he lay down and I drew a stroke on his forehead.
brother: "Draw the lines on my forehead..."
What did I do? I wrote S-T-U-P-I-D on instead!
He got up wondering what made me laugh so hard.
He goes to the mirror
"What's this?"
on lights
"Oh, I forgot... mirror image! Stupid me!"
Man! It works! The words actually seeped into his brain!

And I thought football destroyed mine.