Thursday, July 6, 2006


This is weird.
I am bloging... Weird. Used to hate blogs. And now I'm doing what?

There's such a term as telescoping. It is when one blends the elements of 2 words into one.
e.g. babble + log = blog

Let's see, what should I be writting about? My life? Nah, that was the whole reason why I hated blogs in the first place. All those u noe wat i do 2day crap. Yuck!
I'll just write about bits and pieces of certains happenings that I feel worthy of being posted up on the internet.

What else to make it better? *think think think*

KA-ching! I shall have a rhyme of the day at every entry! What's this you might ask,
it's just super lame rhymes that I would say or hear unintentionally like I want to watch my show while eating my mango etc. etc.

What else? What else? Heck. Just wait and see =)

Few things I should mention.

  1. I can be super siao at times and some may take it as crap.
  2. I do have different moods as do all girls and you may see some variations between
    certain entries.
  3. I am a Christian and I shall refrain from using foul words.

There may be a few things I missed out...
No worries, I'll just add on later.


Let's start!

rhyme : tonight at ten, only on axn

Jakun parents are normal.
How to open this ar? Why can't I change the channel? My phone isn't working!
These are normal. It's only when your brother who's only a few years older than you says it, then it's weird.

brother: "Let me use your phone, my phone's screen is blue"
me: "Use la"
*Fiddles with phone*
"How to open the cover??"
"Ahahahaha! So stupid! Just like mum!!"
*Fiddles with phone a little more*

It's bad enough having to deal with parents jakunness. Now brother too? Crap
whole family's brains getting fried.

Yesterday, other brother got stupid.

He snatched my blue highlighter away from me and stains my leg with a stroke.
I took it back, waited till he lay down and I drew a stroke on his forehead.
brother: "Draw the lines on my forehead..."
What did I do? I wrote S-T-U-P-I-D on instead!
He got up wondering what made me laugh so hard.
He goes to the mirror
"What's this?"
on lights
"Oh, I forgot... mirror image! Stupid me!"
Man! It works! The words actually seeped into his brain!

And I thought football destroyed mine.

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