Friday, November 30, 2007


Okay, so my comp's been fine so far. I'll just attempt to blog. I won't dare to blog about Cadet's Camp yet. I've got the pics! And they're wonderful!! 1GB worth of pictures over 2 days! I was "camera happy". So, I'll only post when I think it's safe enough, cause I don't want to get frustrated.

School's ending tomorrow. Which means the last day with Carolyn and Kathy. Sigh... I'm gonna miss them. I hated the feeling when Nina left, and I have to go through it again soon. I won't have a Fatty and a Shmarolyn - my genius.

I'm also leaving school soon, but they're gonna leave before me. I still have got three more months to call Chempaka PJ my school. It's weird, but I think leaving the whole school would be easier compared to individuals leaving me. I'll miss everyone of course! The Queen, the Freak, SheilaLau, Joce, Jo, Summer, Lizzy, and everyone else ( my brains are fried from doing too much SAT, so forgive me if I forgot your name), but it won't be the same. I guess it's because I'm still in the same environment, the same building, the same classroom where I see the both of them everyday. It'll be so different if they're suddenly not there. But when I leave, I'm in a whole new world.

It's the 30th today, which means four more months to complete everything in this stage of my life. Piano, school, etc... I'll even be an officer by then! I would have completed this part of my life. Sometimes, I can't wait for time to pass and continue to grow in more ways than one. Sometimes, I just want to stay here forever as I look back at my younger days and wish I were there once more. From April onwards, I'll be on a new road. A completely new one where nothing would seem familiar, one that would challenge me to use all that I've learnt so far. Doulos would be in April too, so it'll be months away from home, away from everything I've known.

A normal person would take finishing form 5 and going into college as their new step. It is. But hey, you're still at home, in Malaysia, with family and friends you know. I'll be a complete stranger to my new surroundings. With only one person who's known me forever with me - my Lord Jesus Christ, my Best Friend, my Mentor.

Oh wow, this is kinda the first time it's really hit me. That I won't be alone. I'll have Him to guide me just as He's done for the past 18 years. Past 18 years of my wonderful life.

Four more months. I'll go through it slowly.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It hates blogs

You see!!! I was just blogging saying that its not my fault I've got no updates. The comp doesn't like it when I blog and crashes everytime. And then... *refer to picture*

cross your fingers and hope it doesn't happen again

Shaniway, Cadets Camp this weekend! Super cute kids for 2 days 1 night! Woohoo! I'm in charge of worship and games and more. CAN'T WAIT!

I would blog awards/graduation night, but I don't have the nice pictures yet.

OMG! My comp REALLY doesn't like it when I blog. I just tried to upload super cute pictures of the wonderful cadets, and it just keeps crashing.

Sorry people, at least I tried right? I'll edit this post later when the comp likes me better. (oooo, that rhymed!)

I've got to sleep now. Otherwise, I'll probably sleep in class again. You know, I think I'll end up sleeping anyway!

edit (24/11)

My comp likes me today. It's rare, so ENJOY!

Okay, I know I said my comp likes me, but it's mean! It took me more than 2 hours to get all these pictures loaded up, so don't say I didn't try!!

Aren't they all super duper uber cute?? Would definitely love to blog about cadets camp. I came back all cadetfied! But my cam's not with me, so just wait la! It's worth it =D

Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday blues

School was awesome! I did nothing but sleeeeep =D Only reached at 10.30 cause my daddy took me to the dentist.

As we left the clinic

I'm sending you home right?

no! schoool

it's already 10.30, just go home la!

( school starts at 9!)

no, cannot. if I don't turn up, Lizzy will slaughter me

That was lame. Whatever la! I think it's funny =P

I went to school, open my science book, and SLEPT! The Queen also had a niceee nap. We slept throughout the whole day, only woke up for lunch and choir. I think the Fatty did it too! Woooohoooo!! Sleepers unite!!

colors so nice right? Queen on the left, I'm on the right.

I love my cubicle, it's so nice to sleep in. The boards at the sides are just nice. The Queen tried sleeping like me. She said it hurt her hand. HAH! Don't have my height ma =D

If only there was a picture of us sleeping on the same side. I was awake to hear Isaac saying

They're sleeping on the same side! to the right, to the right (think Beyonce)