Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday blues

School was awesome! I did nothing but sleeeeep =D Only reached at 10.30 cause my daddy took me to the dentist.

As we left the clinic

I'm sending you home right?

no! schoool

it's already 10.30, just go home la!

( school starts at 9!)

no, cannot. if I don't turn up, Lizzy will slaughter me

That was lame. Whatever la! I think it's funny =P

I went to school, open my science book, and SLEPT! The Queen also had a niceee nap. We slept throughout the whole day, only woke up for lunch and choir. I think the Fatty did it too! Woooohoooo!! Sleepers unite!!

colors so nice right? Queen on the left, I'm on the right.

I love my cubicle, it's so nice to sleep in. The boards at the sides are just nice. The Queen tried sleeping like me. She said it hurt her hand. HAH! Don't have my height ma =D

If only there was a picture of us sleeping on the same side. I was awake to hear Isaac saying

They're sleeping on the same side! to the right, to the right (think Beyonce)

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