Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Blogaration - the inspiration to blog

I seriously need something. I'm suppose to be writing my essay for the OM application form. About how I became a Christian and all that. I can't bleeding write anything la. I've only done 2 paragraphs and I think they suck. I kinda have an idea? but it's not coming up properly!

So, after a week of neglecting this poor old ugly blue blog, I finally turned to it for help. Maybe, just maybe, by blogging, I'd be able to write my essay more naturally and make it an awesome one.

I'm rely on blogaration to get inspiration. Ma-ma-mia!

Oh shitty crap, now I have nothing to write about. I can either rant, or go through some stuff that's happening (not much la. I'm a loser remember?) I can't use pictures either, cause then it'll be defeating my whole purpose of writing this post right?

School's having the awards/ graduation night n the 11th. Our school(Chempaka PJ) was suppose to be organizing it. But... the 'higher authorities" have been so messed up lately, everything got jumbled up and now, things are back to the same. Messy, last minute, not organised. I'm graduating la!! I don't want to have a sucky one. It's suppose to be memorable.

Ugh, school sucks more than it did a few months ago. I wish time just froze there. I can't bloody wait to leave!

Between now and liftoff ( the time I'll be leaving for Doulos - April) I've got so much stuff to complete. SAT, finishing my 13 Lifepacs, grade 8 theory exam, preparing for Doulos. die die die. ( I'm not wasting my time here okayyy. Writing the essay is part of preparing for Doulos, and I'm blogging to help me write better =P )

Driving is coming up. Probably get my license by the end of November. Oh, I might be able get a private orthodontist to do my braces! That means, I won't have to wait another full year before I take them off. Woohoo...!

Check this video out. It's the skit we're doing for awards night. I'm the money person. Cha-ching!

Maybe I need to read more. Hmmm.. That'll could help with writing.

My Astro freaking sucks.

Nina, if you're reading this, I MISS YOU!! love you love you

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