Thursday, October 18, 2007

Way Better

I'm not suppose to be here. I have my Language Arts book on the table. I've been sitting on it for about 2 months now... So I'll be doomed if I don't complete it this week. (to all you non AOP people, one LA book usually takes about less than a month to complete. So 2 months is tooo long.)

My holidays haven't been that bad la. Not as bad as the last one anyway. I haven't been out, but still it was okay.

The teachers came over to my house on Monday. They fellowshipped over my dads seafood pasta, wine, my mum's burnt brownies, and lots more. Yes, teachers meaning Lizzy, Christie, Jenna, Daisy, Linda... (my mums co workers la!)

On Tuesday, I went for my first driving lesson. I completely suck! I drove for about 2 hours in Bangsar and the instructor told me to drive myself home! That means driving on Jalan Maarof! Scary. Then I went to gym, worked my butt of, burnt 600 calories ( everyone, say Wahh). Ding and Sing came, picked me up from gym and went over to my house. Ding came to do SAT, Sing went for ice cream with my bro. Before studying, we had my dads meatball pasta. yum =) When it was time to study, my stupid elder bro kept kacau-ing! We still managed to finish some papers, but my scores were all lower than Dings! Can you imagine? The SAT book in front of us, while we eat leftover brownies, chips and ice cream. That's the best kind of studying man! So, Ding left after we finished "studying". I watched more Ugly Betty and had a lovely roasted chicken for dinner.

Yesterday, I went for driving again. Drove all the way to Kelana Jaya! Practiced abit there, then drove back to Bangsar using the Federal Highway! I'm such a hero right? No. I was suppose to turn left at a junction and I lost control of the car. The car ended up on the curb! I drove myself to the gym, burnt of 590 calories (everyone, say wahhh again), went home, had dinner with white wine, and went to PJ for my long awaited appointment with Mr. Jeffrey Koit. Know what? I'm 90% sure I'm going to Doulos in April! wwweeeeee! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY =DD

I went for driving again today. Same place, except I didn't drive up any curb. But my engine die-ded when I was tuning in a a junction! So I caused a mini jam! I'm so chun right? Came home at 1, slept till 4 and started studying. In between taking notes, I come over to the laptop which is where I am right now =)

Tomorrow, I'm finally going out! With May-you-gimme-a-bell (Maybelle). I'm not quite sure where yet, but I think we'll just go to Bangsar Village. Then I can go to the gym and burn off more calories(everyone, say wahhh again). After gym, Ice cream!!! ALL YOU CAN EAT! woohoo =D

So, holidays have not been bad after all. It's wayyyy better than the last.

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