Friday, October 5, 2007

For Summer

Fine Summer, I'll write something about your birthday.
September the 28th was the dearest Summer's birthday. Sing with me *summer lovin' had me a blast...*

isn't Summer just so pretty?

So, ever since I found out about cuppacakes, I've always wanted to order one for some one's birthday. Every time I try, something goes wrong. As usual la. This time, I managed to get Summer Gan the swurvely cupcakes

Just a few days before her birthday, I saw her display picture on msn and started screaming!!( inside) I asked her a few questions and found out later that someone else had beaten me to it. Damn it! I was soooo looking forward to surprising her with it cause I was pretty sure she hasn't heard of it and it would be a nice surprise. Ish...

Shaniway, we still went ahead with it and "surprised" her. Of course, someone had to spoil it.

I wanna go downstairs

Cannot! You must go up with me.


Er... because we're gonna eat something

Why la Sean?? blur blur blur

happy birthday to you

blurblursean and sheilalau


Adam doesn't know how to take pictures

finally! A pretty one

cuppacakes. *so pretty*


no! gimme!!

all boxed up

I just realized. I blogged about Summer's birthday before I blogged about mine. Not surprising!

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