Sunday, September 30, 2007


Ramblings aren't that bad... My cheese post pricked up the Queen's curiosity. She wants to try blue cheese! It's gonna be so sweet looking at her nibble at it.

can you imagine her face turning green?

video video video!!

Anyway, I'm getting fat. Ish, I've been eating so much. Every since my birthday, I've been eating alot.

First, there's the ample amount of chocolates I got as presents. Believe it or not, I still have got some more in my room. I love chocolates! But when they give me migraines and a larger number when I weigh myself, I try to cut down.

Then, there's the fact that my dad's been home for dinner more often. So it means eating more if we go out. Cause with my dad, it's always - EAT. I can complain like an old women about my weight but when good food is in front of me, I can't say no. Yesterday, I had a huge brunch, went for GB, had burburchacha and some fried stuff the cadets made, went to LaBodega for dinner, then some "tai chow" for supper. . . Can you hear the numbers increasing?

The starwood vouchers expire this month, and we still have some hotel buffet ones left. Yesterday, I had brunch at The Westin. Omg, it sucked! Service was horrible!! They had some stuff like lamb sausage and lots of pastries, but still, it sucked. Could be because my expectation was too high. Can't blame me right? 5 star hotel? Then the other restaurant there - Prego, was soooo good. Sheesh. Nvm, I still ate alot though. Went to Sheraton Imperial for lunch today. Because I went after church, my bro and I took a cab there and we had only 1 hour plus to eat! The food there was goooood. The range of food available not as big as Westin, but it was good. Ooooooh, they had cheeese. BLUE CHEESE... yuumm. The sushi was super nice. The service was nice. The restaurant itself was so pretty. I really stuffed myself today. Didn't have dinner.

I worked out abit before I showered. When I went to the kitchen after that, the first thing I grabbed was the lovely meringue from Westin. Aiyo, I tell you. I have no control la... Probably gained back everything I lost. I need to confine myself in a room with only water with me for a month or something.

I just got away from the comp for awhile and my bro just handed me a secret recipe cheese cake. Here I am grumbling and yet, I just finished half a cake. Aiyo, I need to be hypnotised.

Nina left. *sob sob* I miss her alot.

I have two wonderful friends I don't ever wanna loose

(look at how pretty Nina is!)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I wanna be on top top top top... SHEEEESH! I was watching ANTM while I typed that and MY FATHER changed the channel. Watching TV3 news... Okay, the mood I had just vanished. Ooooo, someone robbed a bank in 1u... Screw la! I wanna watch ANTM!

Just update abit on my future. Doulos replied my pre-application form. Sent me an email with some brouchers attached. If I wanted the application form, I'd have to request for one. So I email back asking for the form and more questions. He replied back in BROKEN ENGLISH! Must be a volunteer who took up English as his second language. So, I have to form now but I can't do anything with it yet. Have to talk to my dad about it, pray very hard about it. It'll cost me 700USD for 70 days. I've got to pay for my own flights, visa and insurance. It'll total to an estimated cost of RM 6,000. I know it's CRAZY! I'm putting everything into God's hands. Of course I'd still get scared la, but I'm praying I don't even know where the ship will be in April!! Probably Philippines? That'll be nice =)

Oh ya, yesterday I went for driving. Was suppose to go last week. No transport provided because I signed up late. Found out in the morning that the car broke down again. So, I tried again this week. Suppose to be waiting for transport at 8am. I set my phone alarm, went to sleep, and woke up screaming. My stupid phone died. NO battery. It was already 8.10! Panicked la of course. My dad sent me there in the end. It was sooo boring. I almost feel asleep. It was in MALAY! I was like a Zombie the whole day. I can't waaait to get my license.

It's Nina's last day in school today.

Friday, September 21, 2007


I love cheese. I love cheese more than you. I'm eating blue cheese. I loooove blue cheese. *munch munch* wait, lemme get some more blue cheese. No! I'm eating the last bit... After this cracker, it's gonna be Gouda Cheese. I love Gouda cheese, but I looove blue cheese. Yuumm!

*must control self, canot open more cheese*

So, how do you stop eating lovely cheese?
1) Weigh self
2) Search "cheese nutrition" on Google

Did you know? 1oz of blue cheese contains 8g of fat and 5.5g of saturated fat? and 1oz of Gouda contains 8g of fat and 5g of saturated fat? Their among the top list of "Highly Fatty Cheese"

So, NO MORE CHEESE FOR ME. (not tonight anyway... ooo, if only I could have wine. That would be soo lovely =D)

Shit, I failed. I'm eating 1 more cracker of blue. But but but, there was one more cracker left! It would be a waste if I didn't eat it with cheese =)

There's a reason why I haven't updated in a week. It's because I've got no mood, I'm kinda stressed, I'M LAZY. So if I were to update my blog when under these circumstances, well, you see it in the ramblings above.

I'll just post up some pictures since that's the only way I'm gonna be able to justify this post. Pictures = not boring ( I didn't type in "interesting" because picture does not = interesting)

yes, they're gay =P

the green pen(first generation)

fries, lame jokes, Sean jokes and lots of mayonnaise(for the fries la, what were you thinking)


Sheila Lau HAD to turn for the camera

She was in a BMW, she had to be stylish

these posers love their poles

open wide



check out the rock star

I know, she poses well

this is how you get Munyee-ed

the genius gets stressed out too. That's how I cheer her up!

white penguin?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

yes? no? maybe?

I'm confused! My future is really messed up. I don't know what I'm gonna do, and I only have 4 months left. I'm so confused I don't even know what to pray for anymore. What I should be asking and all that. I know what I don't want and what I like. I kinda know what I would like to do but I can't really do because of some limitations. And then there's the timing of everything! AHH!! I know... I should depend on God. But I still have to make my own decision right? Like I said, I don't know what to ask for anymore. There's the normal guidance, providence and dependence that I pray for, but I feel it's not enough! I don't know why. Slap me!

I'm just gonna make a list for my own sake.

I don't want

- to study anymore. None of those professions like doctors and all that because they study all their life.

I like
- children! nono, sorry... I LOVE KIDS!

- production. If I HAD to get a degree(soo many people have told me how important one would be. And of course I've realised that) I would get one in mass comm. I love production. I love getting the ideas on my head into real live sets. When I'm thinking of stuff for school or GB, there just this thing that goes on in my head. So, if I ended up studying(I probably would) mass comm it is. But I DON'T WANT TO STUDY YET! I can do that later.

I would like to do

- travel. I wish there were such a job or something that would have me live in one country for a year or so and then move to another. That way, you get the whole culture. Not just touring around sight seeing even though that's nice too.

- be an air stewardess cause they travel and they get paid ALOT. There's also the whole cabin crew which I know is not glamorous but the experience you get from there, priceless! I can't do that next year cause of the stupid braces. Sheesh

- go on Doulos. I sooo wanna go because I really like what they do. Sail to different countries helping them in every way they can, spiritually and physically. My dad doesn't allow me to do that. Just cause it's not a strong enough foundation for my future. He said "you can go next time when you're older". BUT, I just found out that Doulos is retiring in 2010!! *screammmmmm* How la? I sent a pre-application form a week ago without my parents knowledge (shhhh..) I would be great if I could go next year and join them for two years which is kinda the normal time length for volunteers BUT, there's the stupid braces again! I can't be on a ship for two years when I have appointments once in two months right? So, I just sent in the form for the three month short term thing. I should be able to work with my dentist about it. But I WANT TO join for two years!! Three months seriously not enough la. I stumbled( I don't think it's stumbling, more like God's will, but I'll just put it as "stumbled") onto soo many ex douloids' blogs. It's really amazing how much you can learn from there. Really, it's so amazing, I don't really know how to put it in words. If I did, it'll be an essay.
So how? I only have about 4 months okay. Not to mention the whole timing thing like deadlines.
Slap me people! or point a gun at my head.
Oh btw, excuse my weird grammar. I just took off my brains to watch "She's The Man"

first, we slide down

then, we get stuck at the bottom!

I told you I love kids.

This was taken during the Sengoi mission trip.

Kids and mission work. Ahhh... Life!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Since you(yes you Kathy!) asked me blog and you(Sean doesn't read this. darn.) asked for pictures, you shall get it. Only because you're lucky and I'm high enough even though I didn't have dried mangoes. (if only Mun Yee's smart enough to figure out my blog add)

I don't like blogging when I have ALOT of things too blog about. ( I can hear the number of times you say "Weird') I gets too weird and the post'll get sucky=( I'll just list them down as I go and hope I don't forget anything. It might not make sense but whatever la, I'll have pictures!

I finished Eclipse. Finally! I'm a slow reader but I finished it and I don't like Bella. How could she do that! Argh!! Never mind, Nina says I have to read it again to learn why she did that. I'm more than willing man. Edward Cullen *sigh* excuse me while I dream ***** I know it's Young Adult fiction and might seem kiddie, but but but... it's Edward *ahhh*

Mun Yee's mad that I didn't write anything about her. So I shall. Her name is Sheila Lau Mun Yee. (Say Sheila Lau real quick, ahahhahaha) It's not Sheila. It's a name Carolyn and I gave her. Her other name is Sandy(sponge bob) cause she's weird. When you go crazy with her, you're officially Munyee-ed. I just got it last night:

we have to make a list, it'll be the "worthy of edward" list

alright. tommorrow.. we shall make like a ten must have qualities to receive edward list

but oonly 10? he deserves sooo much more

alrite..i'll write ten.. u write till ur fingers bleed

after awhile...

sheeesh, how big is your head?

i dunno.. maybe ill measure it later? how big is urs? are we havin a contest

Laugh people! if you don't, you're not lame and I can't raise the lame flag.
Happy Mun Yee? Sorry. Sheila?

I told her I look weird, but she says I look like Jasmine. Darn those grills!

Then there was my birthday. I don't want to update about that la. Don't want to put pictures in either. I must "challenge" myself to post a special one on that. I look Bugly on most of the pics anyway. Just in case I don't, I'd tell you some stuff.

There was GOOD food. Everyone was dressed up cause I made them. We had FONDUE! Chocolate fondue!! I'll just put up a pic I took that day

This is a picture to bug me to write about it. So I can explain.

Nina is leaving too soon! AHHH!!! I'm gonna miss her so so so much. Tomorrow is her last day, I hope the plan MY and I have for her farewell is good enough. School's gonna be so different without her =(

I know I have crazy friends.

Why must you leave?!

There's a whole lot of pictures from school. I've posted them on my Multiply.

There are class pictures

There are Lizzie pictures

There are lunch time pictures

There are PE pictures

And there'll be alot more pictures when I add on and when Kathy sends her pictures to me.

I don't know if I left out anything. I hope not.

I wanted to put up more pictures. But the stupid connection is getting on my nerves! Next time la. Or just go to my multiply.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Perfect Time

So I was just watching Ugly Betty and Betty's dad had to prove he was in the country at a particular year. After much research, he presented the customs worker with a receipt.

It was dated September 10th.

I love my life!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

as if

It's not Friday. Oops... What was I thinking? Never mind. Let's pretend it's Friday, then I can tell you about my crazy week. Okay?

It was the first week of school since the holidays and it really wasn't bad at all. Lizzie was actually having fun in class! Well, most of the time... We came to a school that's still under construction and has a prison for a classroom. I have no idea why they boarded up the windows. Next year, there's gonna be bars.

The week was full of cat fights! I got pinched, poked and scratched like mad by Nina and then got scratched, pinched and whacked by the Queen aka ShanaLogic. You can still see the scars!

I got hold of Eclipse!! Yay! Ah... Edward Cullen *dreamssss*

It was such a weird week, I actually did work at home! (it IS big news)

I found out that Nina is leaving soon. TOO SOON! I'm gonna miss her so so so much. I can't remember when was the last time I felt like this. *sob*

Today(Friday), while I was drawing a map, the whole school blacked out! So because they boarded up the windows the whole class was pitch black. So happen, I was wearing a glow-in-the-dark shirt! So I was glowing the whole time and people wouldn't loose me =D The Queen was sooo freaked out, she jumped to my chair, pulled me down and expected me to sit on the chair when her whole butt was on it! She wouldn't even let me stand up cause she was soooo afraid. tsk tsk what a Queen.

I decided on Sunday that I wouldn't have a party outside. Instead, why not one in my house? Get my dad to cook and ask everyone to dress up. So that's what I'm doing tomorrow(Saturday), celebrating my birthday on Lizzie's actual birthday =D =D My dad said I could invite only 10! So it's really limited. I wish I could invite more but my dad is not Superman.

So that's about it for my week. I THINK. Doesn't seem like much but it was nice.
Everybody, cross your fingers(when I cross mine, it doesn't work) and hope I'd put up pictures.

Okay, this is getting too weird. Let's get back to the real world where it's Sunday so I can get back to watching Ugly Betty. *whoosh*

Thursday, September 6, 2007


You have to click on the blue words. I mean it!

*look in to the blue... you haveee to click it*

Firstly it's my friend Melinda and her awesome voice. She sings with everything! Her sound is so country and yet not? I dunno how to describe it. It's so GOOD. Not just the song but the singer itself is so amazing. I really missed her when I left that school. With Carmen, the three of us can go siao!

Next is this website I found from, BlueKaripap. You have to check it out. It's so Malaysian made and no, it does not mean it's poorly maintained or lousy or whatever that Malaysia can be. It's super cool. New episodes come out once in a blue moon.(not exactly la, I just wanted to say blue =P)

Remember ShanaLogic? Ish, I've already advertised (like as if sooo many people read my blog) you but I'll just do it again since there are so many escargoes in your blog =P

Then there's this fatty whom I absolutely love. I call her a very slim fat... HAH! Like I'm promoting my friend =P She's single by the way ehehhe
There's this poem I wrote for her while I was walking from the train(of all times!) Excuse my elementary brain okay?

My fatty smatty is oh so gorgeous,
Her long legs and sexy curves make me jealous.
When she walks into a room,
Heads turn to see the blossom bloom,
Oh my fatty smatty,
How you make boys go crazy!

I'll blog again tomorrow. About my crazy week.
Weeee! It'll be my first time blogging two days straight!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


It's the last day of my holiday! boohoo... =( That means no more updating as often since I'd be "studying harder" to graduate this year. I didn't even touch my books this holiday man... So much for graduating right? I PROMISE. I will work harder * you cannot see my fingers crossed behind my back*

I passed my undang at last! After delaying for four weeks, I started studying at 12 am sat morning, slept at 5.30am, woke up at 7am and took my test at 8am and finished in 30 min. I know I rock =P

43/50 (passing mark 42) woooohooo!!!

I took the English lecture which was actually not boring. Believe it or not, it was quite informative. Making it interesting. I was given the English hand book and I requested for the Malay one just for the questions. So because I started studying so late, I just went through all 500 questions of the book and took the test in Malay! (if you don't know, my Malay is BAD. I didn't even know what muatan means)

Sorry, this is not suppose to be my topic.

My topic is... Ahem, what's the date of the second Monday of the month? I won't say it. But I want to. Should I? Maybe I should... Then again... Lets just say I'd be LEGAL! weeeeee!

This is going to be my first time celebrating on a school day. All my life, it has always happened during school holidays or weekends. If I was in a local school, it would have meant that I have never celebrated my day on school day in my life since I would have graduated already. Oh well, one day would be nice. Let's just hope the day itself would be nice too. (If you don't know what I'm trying to do here, think harder =P I'm h.....g) I don't even know where I wanna go for dinner. Normally, my dad takes the family out for dinner during our days. This year, he says I can invite some people and go somewhere nice. I thought of somewhere already but I FORGOT. Till now, I still can't remember and it's only eight days away.

Places actually refers to "where to go for dinner?!" If you have any ideas do let me knowwww. =)

Last year in Prego, Westin. (Same date as next Monday)