Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I wanna be on top top top top... SHEEEESH! I was watching ANTM while I typed that and MY FATHER changed the channel. Watching TV3 news... Okay, the mood I had just vanished. Ooooo, someone robbed a bank in 1u... Screw la! I wanna watch ANTM!

Just update abit on my future. Doulos replied my pre-application form. Sent me an email with some brouchers attached. If I wanted the application form, I'd have to request for one. So I email back asking for the form and more questions. He replied back in BROKEN ENGLISH! Must be a volunteer who took up English as his second language. So, I have to form now but I can't do anything with it yet. Have to talk to my dad about it, pray very hard about it. It'll cost me 700USD for 70 days. I've got to pay for my own flights, visa and insurance. It'll total to an estimated cost of RM 6,000. I know it's CRAZY! I'm putting everything into God's hands. Of course I'd still get scared la, but I'm praying I don't even know where the ship will be in April!! Probably Philippines? That'll be nice =)

Oh ya, yesterday I went for driving. Was suppose to go last week. No transport provided because I signed up late. Found out in the morning that the car broke down again. So, I tried again this week. Suppose to be waiting for transport at 8am. I set my phone alarm, went to sleep, and woke up screaming. My stupid phone died. NO battery. It was already 8.10! Panicked la of course. My dad sent me there in the end. It was sooo boring. I almost feel asleep. It was in MALAY! I was like a Zombie the whole day. I can't waaait to get my license.

It's Nina's last day in school today.

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