Friday, September 21, 2007


I love cheese. I love cheese more than you. I'm eating blue cheese. I loooove blue cheese. *munch munch* wait, lemme get some more blue cheese. No! I'm eating the last bit... After this cracker, it's gonna be Gouda Cheese. I love Gouda cheese, but I looove blue cheese. Yuumm!

*must control self, canot open more cheese*

So, how do you stop eating lovely cheese?
1) Weigh self
2) Search "cheese nutrition" on Google

Did you know? 1oz of blue cheese contains 8g of fat and 5.5g of saturated fat? and 1oz of Gouda contains 8g of fat and 5g of saturated fat? Their among the top list of "Highly Fatty Cheese"

So, NO MORE CHEESE FOR ME. (not tonight anyway... ooo, if only I could have wine. That would be soo lovely =D)

Shit, I failed. I'm eating 1 more cracker of blue. But but but, there was one more cracker left! It would be a waste if I didn't eat it with cheese =)

There's a reason why I haven't updated in a week. It's because I've got no mood, I'm kinda stressed, I'M LAZY. So if I were to update my blog when under these circumstances, well, you see it in the ramblings above.

I'll just post up some pictures since that's the only way I'm gonna be able to justify this post. Pictures = not boring ( I didn't type in "interesting" because picture does not = interesting)

yes, they're gay =P

the green pen(first generation)

fries, lame jokes, Sean jokes and lots of mayonnaise(for the fries la, what were you thinking)


Sheila Lau HAD to turn for the camera

She was in a BMW, she had to be stylish

these posers love their poles

open wide



check out the rock star

I know, she poses well

this is how you get Munyee-ed

the genius gets stressed out too. That's how I cheer her up!

white penguin?

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