Thursday, September 6, 2007


You have to click on the blue words. I mean it!

*look in to the blue... you haveee to click it*

Firstly it's my friend Melinda and her awesome voice. She sings with everything! Her sound is so country and yet not? I dunno how to describe it. It's so GOOD. Not just the song but the singer itself is so amazing. I really missed her when I left that school. With Carmen, the three of us can go siao!

Next is this website I found from, BlueKaripap. You have to check it out. It's so Malaysian made and no, it does not mean it's poorly maintained or lousy or whatever that Malaysia can be. It's super cool. New episodes come out once in a blue moon.(not exactly la, I just wanted to say blue =P)

Remember ShanaLogic? Ish, I've already advertised (like as if sooo many people read my blog) you but I'll just do it again since there are so many escargoes in your blog =P

Then there's this fatty whom I absolutely love. I call her a very slim fat... HAH! Like I'm promoting my friend =P She's single by the way ehehhe
There's this poem I wrote for her while I was walking from the train(of all times!) Excuse my elementary brain okay?

My fatty smatty is oh so gorgeous,
Her long legs and sexy curves make me jealous.
When she walks into a room,
Heads turn to see the blossom bloom,
Oh my fatty smatty,
How you make boys go crazy!

I'll blog again tomorrow. About my crazy week.
Weeee! It'll be my first time blogging two days straight!

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