Thursday, September 13, 2007


Since you(yes you Kathy!) asked me blog and you(Sean doesn't read this. darn.) asked for pictures, you shall get it. Only because you're lucky and I'm high enough even though I didn't have dried mangoes. (if only Mun Yee's smart enough to figure out my blog add)

I don't like blogging when I have ALOT of things too blog about. ( I can hear the number of times you say "Weird') I gets too weird and the post'll get sucky=( I'll just list them down as I go and hope I don't forget anything. It might not make sense but whatever la, I'll have pictures!

I finished Eclipse. Finally! I'm a slow reader but I finished it and I don't like Bella. How could she do that! Argh!! Never mind, Nina says I have to read it again to learn why she did that. I'm more than willing man. Edward Cullen *sigh* excuse me while I dream ***** I know it's Young Adult fiction and might seem kiddie, but but but... it's Edward *ahhh*

Mun Yee's mad that I didn't write anything about her. So I shall. Her name is Sheila Lau Mun Yee. (Say Sheila Lau real quick, ahahhahaha) It's not Sheila. It's a name Carolyn and I gave her. Her other name is Sandy(sponge bob) cause she's weird. When you go crazy with her, you're officially Munyee-ed. I just got it last night:

we have to make a list, it'll be the "worthy of edward" list

alright. tommorrow.. we shall make like a ten must have qualities to receive edward list

but oonly 10? he deserves sooo much more

alrite..i'll write ten.. u write till ur fingers bleed

after awhile...

sheeesh, how big is your head?

i dunno.. maybe ill measure it later? how big is urs? are we havin a contest

Laugh people! if you don't, you're not lame and I can't raise the lame flag.
Happy Mun Yee? Sorry. Sheila?

I told her I look weird, but she says I look like Jasmine. Darn those grills!

Then there was my birthday. I don't want to update about that la. Don't want to put pictures in either. I must "challenge" myself to post a special one on that. I look Bugly on most of the pics anyway. Just in case I don't, I'd tell you some stuff.

There was GOOD food. Everyone was dressed up cause I made them. We had FONDUE! Chocolate fondue!! I'll just put up a pic I took that day

This is a picture to bug me to write about it. So I can explain.

Nina is leaving too soon! AHHH!!! I'm gonna miss her so so so much. Tomorrow is her last day, I hope the plan MY and I have for her farewell is good enough. School's gonna be so different without her =(

I know I have crazy friends.

Why must you leave?!

There's a whole lot of pictures from school. I've posted them on my Multiply.

There are class pictures

There are Lizzie pictures

There are lunch time pictures

There are PE pictures

And there'll be alot more pictures when I add on and when Kathy sends her pictures to me.

I don't know if I left out anything. I hope not.

I wanted to put up more pictures. But the stupid connection is getting on my nerves! Next time la. Or just go to my multiply.

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sheilalau said...

yay!! u wrote bout me!!! weeeee.. yay!! lalalalalalalalalalalalallala im so high rite now!! ive munyee'd myself.. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee how cool is tht?? i hav disease named after me and u dun!! lalala.. btw.. how big is ur head anyway?? did i win???

p/s: stay away from ME after u drink MY water..=P