Sunday, September 30, 2007


Ramblings aren't that bad... My cheese post pricked up the Queen's curiosity. She wants to try blue cheese! It's gonna be so sweet looking at her nibble at it.

can you imagine her face turning green?

video video video!!

Anyway, I'm getting fat. Ish, I've been eating so much. Every since my birthday, I've been eating alot.

First, there's the ample amount of chocolates I got as presents. Believe it or not, I still have got some more in my room. I love chocolates! But when they give me migraines and a larger number when I weigh myself, I try to cut down.

Then, there's the fact that my dad's been home for dinner more often. So it means eating more if we go out. Cause with my dad, it's always - EAT. I can complain like an old women about my weight but when good food is in front of me, I can't say no. Yesterday, I had a huge brunch, went for GB, had burburchacha and some fried stuff the cadets made, went to LaBodega for dinner, then some "tai chow" for supper. . . Can you hear the numbers increasing?

The starwood vouchers expire this month, and we still have some hotel buffet ones left. Yesterday, I had brunch at The Westin. Omg, it sucked! Service was horrible!! They had some stuff like lamb sausage and lots of pastries, but still, it sucked. Could be because my expectation was too high. Can't blame me right? 5 star hotel? Then the other restaurant there - Prego, was soooo good. Sheesh. Nvm, I still ate alot though. Went to Sheraton Imperial for lunch today. Because I went after church, my bro and I took a cab there and we had only 1 hour plus to eat! The food there was goooood. The range of food available not as big as Westin, but it was good. Ooooooh, they had cheeese. BLUE CHEESE... yuumm. The sushi was super nice. The service was nice. The restaurant itself was so pretty. I really stuffed myself today. Didn't have dinner.

I worked out abit before I showered. When I went to the kitchen after that, the first thing I grabbed was the lovely meringue from Westin. Aiyo, I tell you. I have no control la... Probably gained back everything I lost. I need to confine myself in a room with only water with me for a month or something.

I just got away from the comp for awhile and my bro just handed me a secret recipe cheese cake. Here I am grumbling and yet, I just finished half a cake. Aiyo, I need to be hypnotised.

Nina left. *sob sob* I miss her alot.

I have two wonderful friends I don't ever wanna loose

(look at how pretty Nina is!)

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