Monday, May 18, 2009

Rhymes, it's full of rhymes

It's the 18th of May today, 
More than halfway. 
It's also a holiday, 
What am I doing today? 

Oh, nothing much,
Just sitting and bumming, 
Had a good brunch. 
In front of the comp, 
facebooking and such. 

Suppose to be exciting, 
Suppose to be relaxing. 
But things don't go my way.
So suck up and sulk.

Thirty minutes more,
We'll see if things change,
Two hours more
I'm waiting for a change

London or Melbourne,
Bali or Yogyakarta?
Either way I fly away
I need this, I need to be away

BFM - Business Music station
BFM - Brave flying masters
BFM - Boeings for modification
BFM - Bout- time for moments-away
It's in a cage now,
I see gray bars
I reach out my hand now
It all seems too far

It's 8 in the morning
The brother still snoring
Coffee is not black
My morning's now whacked

The pineapples smile
The pineapples joy
Oh, a day with the pineapples
My heart is filled with their joy

My heart doesn't like my mind
My mind doesn't like my heart
It's a gruesome battle
I hate that they argue all the time

The pain and the suffering
In all of it's kind
Should never exist
God, won't you be kind?

This post is full of rhymes
I never intended it
It's elementary rhymes
But I don't care, I like it

Too much Dr Seuss perhaps
Too much green eggs and ham
Too much pestering from a pineapple 
It's okay, I'd do alot for those pineapples. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Happened?

I can't believe it's the 13th of May. Almost halfway through May already. Last time I checked April just swooshed by. What happened? In 4 months, I'm 20. When people say September, you think - end of the year. Now it's only 4 months, and 4 months ago, it was CNY. What happened? Sports day this Sat, teachers day this Sat, end of term on the 30th, HK in June, then what? 6 more months of teaching and that's it, it's 2010 - uni (Where ever it is) I can't wait for that part but must time really pass so fast? It's seems to pass faster since I started teaching. Right now, with nothing planned out after HK, I'm worried that time will just pass me by and when it's all gone, I look back and say "what happened?"  This time last year, I didn't feel this way. Doulos was almost ending and there was Australia to look forward too! I was doing something in my life, it wasn't a mundane repeat. Though can I really say my days are mundane now? I do love teaching... I may need something else. Something solid to look forward to. OM's short term mission to Turkey's very appealing. We'll see about that. I don't want to say "what happened" at the end of 2009.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Written Out

I finally decided to write. about.... I dunno la!

Today's mothers day, I forgot! I remember, then the moment I do, I forget. Like this morning, I remembered when I woke up, then when in church, I greeted the aunties good morning and they looked at me weird. I thought I was just seeing things, but then someone comes along and says "hello, Happy mothers day" and I go CRAP, I forgot. So I sit down with my coffee determind to remember. The next aunty comes up to me and I greet her "Good morning" Super fail I tell you. Lucky I remember to wish mum, though no presents this year - because I keep forgetting!

Anyway, I'm sitting here at the computer with my beer, BFM tuned in and the air con turned on. It's a good day. Though if something happened in the next 5 hours, it would make it an awesomest day. Till then, I shall enjoy this day and take tomorrow when it comes. Tomorrow Solomon comes back! Oh, how I missed that pineapple. Hernia is not something for a 5 year old to go through I teeeeell you. So 5 pineapples in the class tomorrow, I can't wait. Sometimes, I forget I get paid for what I'm doing. Such a bonus=) 

There's uni I could talk about. Been pretty set on Newcastle until Eli360 come in again and now I'm thinking about America again. The only way I can think about it is - how is America better than Australia? SO MANY WAYS - different culture, country, people. Christian uni that leads me into the faith+career path. American system - Liberal arts. etc. and the other question - how is Australia better than America? I'm so attached to Australia - the biggest reason I can think of. So I shall go along with America. I still have other things to deal with besides deciding which country. So if America really happens/can happen, then I'll stick to it. Though my heart still says Australia, Australia, Australia. I HAVE TO GET OVER IT!

The mission trip was great. Not as attached to the people as I normally am when I go up to a kampung, but I got that " I want to stay longer" feeling and it was a strong feeling. So much more to learn, see, experience etc. I got it in Australia and I was blessed. Makes me want to do it again though it isn't easy (another reason for America!) 

I'm rambling. but a post is better than no post yes? besides it's nice to have things written out. I could say more like.. I'm getting so fat but I don't care, or HK may not happen because of the porkie flu, or my rooms a big rubbish dump and I should clean it... Nah!

Well, I hope the moon comes out again tonight. Yesterday, the stars were few and little but the moon was bright and full. So beautiful....