Monday, May 18, 2009

Rhymes, it's full of rhymes

It's the 18th of May today, 
More than halfway. 
It's also a holiday, 
What am I doing today? 

Oh, nothing much,
Just sitting and bumming, 
Had a good brunch. 
In front of the comp, 
facebooking and such. 

Suppose to be exciting, 
Suppose to be relaxing. 
But things don't go my way.
So suck up and sulk.

Thirty minutes more,
We'll see if things change,
Two hours more
I'm waiting for a change

London or Melbourne,
Bali or Yogyakarta?
Either way I fly away
I need this, I need to be away

BFM - Business Music station
BFM - Brave flying masters
BFM - Boeings for modification
BFM - Bout- time for moments-away
It's in a cage now,
I see gray bars
I reach out my hand now
It all seems too far

It's 8 in the morning
The brother still snoring
Coffee is not black
My morning's now whacked

The pineapples smile
The pineapples joy
Oh, a day with the pineapples
My heart is filled with their joy

My heart doesn't like my mind
My mind doesn't like my heart
It's a gruesome battle
I hate that they argue all the time

The pain and the suffering
In all of it's kind
Should never exist
God, won't you be kind?

This post is full of rhymes
I never intended it
It's elementary rhymes
But I don't care, I like it

Too much Dr Seuss perhaps
Too much green eggs and ham
Too much pestering from a pineapple 
It's okay, I'd do alot for those pineapples. 

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