Friday, June 12, 2009

Great Weeks

writing at 4am when I have a full day ahead of me. wait, a full week ahead of me.... stupid girl.

Mum left for camp yesterday, she'll be back Saturday night when I've left for HK in the evening. Then she leaves for Cebu till 18 and I'm back on the 17th. So no mum for 1 week. I can handle it. yes I can, yes I can. I can!! I did it for 6 and a half months =P my brothers, on the other hand, definitely can't

very old and fat brother : "how do you use the washing machine? I don't know how many scoops of soap to use!"

and I'm not around for 5 days.. we'll see what become of the house when I get back.

on another note, probably on the same key and the same time and the same piano, or violin(pick one), It's been a great week and the next week looks great too.

GB/BB anniversary dinner last Saturday. Oh my, the girls have grown. Yen May is now 14! where did time go? I remember training her in my squad when she was just a cadet - 6 or 7? Couldn't even recognize some of them. What was I thinking not going back to GB all this time? I miss it, I love it, I love the girls, I love the ministry. Say goodbye to free/sleep-in Saturdays, but it's so worth it. The dinner was sooooooo good. So proud of 1st KL!! I just dumped myself on a table full of cadets and juniors =D And to see all ye old friends again was bliss. Girls' Brigade, 1st KL, 12 years of my life. Thank you Lord

Nina is back!! Two years is too long. Spent the whole Monday with her. It was her birthday. Made a cake, had lots of cheese, she gave me her heart made of wax, laughed at nonsense and I can't wait to eat sushi in the cinema with her again.

Maybelle is 21! Gosh, 21! again, time flies. Her party's tomorrow at a club. First time. (I know right?! so noob I hear you say. I don't like la! cannot ar?) Will try my best to enjoy myself. I won't know anyone there but her. There's alcohol, okay, it'll be fine.
She stayed over last night. we went shopping today and I tried on many very high heeled shoes. It's so nice to be on top of the world!

Then it's HONG KONG! I can't wait!! and not just Hong Kong, Doulos too!!

and then... SCHOOL! or rather... PINEAPPLES! oh how I miss them. I can't wait to have my daily dose of pineapple joy again.

then then then, Singapore on Friday. Uncles birthday. Whole family will be there including the super cute niece and nephews. and Singapore means I get to see Kathy!! Yaaaaaaaay!

following that, I'll just have GB and pineapples. Life can be good =)

I should sleep. The stupid haze is back, making everyone sick, including me. mehhh

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