Friday, March 28, 2008

The Old


and I still have 5 more books. I really don't think I can finish it all in time. Seriously. Stupid lazy arse. AND, the visas I need for both PNG and AUS are still processing! I'm dead laaaaa

I'm expected to share something about my coming trip in church on Sunday. I have no idea what to do laaaa. I worship lead not enough meh? Doosh.

So I've somewhat packed. 13 shirts for Doulos too much? 3 sets of pajamas? 4 pairs of long pants? 20kg bag to check in plus hand carry plus bagpack. Remember the crazy flightplan? Oh ya, the dress code for PNG is so werid la. I hope it's only for PNG and not the other islands as well. For girls, if we wear pants, we have to wear a shrit that's long enough to COVER the bum completely. Otherwise, a normal shirt with knee lenght skirt. So mah fan la! Where to find long shirt you tell me? The advise given was just to wear skirts. Urgh, now I have to pack more. Plus, I only have 3 knee lenght skirts and they're all precious. Laundry there is once a week and they use this dryer thing that's not really good for clothes. Kinda wears it out. So how la my skirts? boohoo. Oh, and when I'm there, I'm going to tell you guys more about Charlie.

I can't believe I still have more shopping to do! How in the world am I going to find time to shop? This weekends scheduale is already packed packed packed!! I lost so much weight this month! (weee) But I think I'm going to put them on again. I've been trying to stuff myself with all those yummy KL food I'm going to miss so much!

I so feel like changing my plans and come back earlier instead of December. Maybe October/November. Urgh, the fickled mindedness!

Pictures!! at last!!

They're super old because I lost my cable and only just got the adapter for my memory card.

During mime dinner

Last day of school 2007

Monday, March 24, 2008


I just realized that the information in the last post is outdated! Sorry, sorry

I'm actually leaving on the 5th now. Flight at 6.50pm from KLIA to Singapore. Arrive in Singapore, meet Janene, leave for Brisbane with Janene. From Brisbane, arrive in Port Moresby PNG at 1.40pm. Doulos people pick us up and WE'RE STEPPERS!

On the ship till 11th of June, stay in a hostel in Auckland till the 15th, leave at 1.25pm for Sydney together with Janene, then I head for Adelaide, she heads for Singapore.

Arrive in Adelaide at 6pm, and I don't know what after that.

Leave Adelaide on the 11th of December at 1.30pm, fly to Singapore (transit), and then BACK HOME! At 9pm on the 11th of December.

Oh ya, if anyone's been to Auckland, or know what to do there, TELL ME! Janene and I are still trying to plan our trip. Not easy la! Especially when we're noobs at "holidaying"
That's the blog I'm gonna be updating through email while on the ship as well as when I'm away la. It was actually, but then I'm not floating the entire time I'm away, hence, the change.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Exhausted I is

oh shit, oh shit, oh shit...
19 days! crap crap crappp
7 more books! die die die
6 more Math books! DIE DIE DIE

I hate being busy! So much to do, so little time. Every single day, I come home from school at 7pm after running around everywhere. And by running, I mean with wheels la...

Doosh la, still haven't seen so many people yet. Argh, whatever la. If I don't even see them, then forget about it right?

Die laaa, 19 days you know.. 19 days ago, I was fussing about it being 36 days left.

I don't know where to start packing la! How do you pack for 8 months away from home at completely different locations with different weathers? And you're only allowed 20kg! I have the bags and everything, but I DON'T know where to start!

I want to sleep! And be LAZY! And do nothing but laze around and wait for 5th of April to drop by! Exhausted I is

ps :I created another blog, with a separate account. It's still under construction. Using it to update people about my time away. Reason why it's separated from this blog is because I'm publicizing it and I don't want any other human being to read this if I can help it. Guess what the blog add is?

pps: Braces coming off-fer-fer on the 25th!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Shalom! Hello slightly bigger world. All is good. God heals, time heals =D

So the plan is, I''ll be heading down to Singapore by car on the 4th or the 5th, fly off from Singapore on the 5th and reach the ship on the 6th. I just realized that I have never listed down my ports of all here! Here you go (you can go Google the places up) -

Port MoresbyPapua New Guinea
Mar 28th, 2008
Apr 17th, 2008
Port VilaVanuatu
Apr 23rd, 2008
Apr 29th, 2008
May 2nd, 2008
May 14th, 2008
May 15th, 2008
Jun 4th, 2008
AucklandNew Zealand
Jun 9th, 2008
Jul 1st, 2008

I'm leaving the ship on the 11th and after that, I'll leave Auckland on the 15th. Yes, I'm staying longer in NZ! Do touristy stufffff *insert super wide metallic smiley* Fly to Adelaide and stay there till approximately the 10th of December. laalaalaaaa

I'm booking my flights now as I type so everything IS confirmed. That means about 23 days left! Can't wait! Can't wait! ( I wish I could just burn the 7 more school books I have to finish)

Grade 8 theory exam was on Monday, STEP orientation was yesterday, and Doulos in 23 dayssssssss.

Have I mentioned I HAVE A PARTNER?! Her name is Janene (yes! another Jay) She's from Segamat and she'll be going for the same STEP. Yay!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pull Out

Hello minuscule world! Time for more emo-ing. Just close this window la.

I feel like pulling out of my STEP. I'm not even on the ship yet and I already think it'll be bad(not the ship, me) I'm not right. I'm not right with God, people and myself. So how can I be in a program that requires me to be my best when I'm not. I'm not even myself anymore. I don't even know what that is. I've been hoping that I'll get over it before the ship, but it's 31 fucking days left. Not good at all. Plus, the amount of things I have on my hands is so overwhelming, I really really really can't take it. Delaying my STEP would lighten things, it'll also give me more time to get right. Should I? The weirdest thing is, even though I hate all the work and even though I'm not right, I can't wait to go! Sheesh, I hate you.

Don't say it if you don't mean it.
Don't tell me things you won't do.
Don't pretend.
I'll never believe again anyway.

Monday, March 3, 2008


I hate you
I hate that you're stupid
I hate that you're paranoid
I hate that you're lazy
I hate that you're a hypocrite
I hate that you're a bitch
I hate that you're selfish
I hate that you're a wuss
I hate that you're alive
You, I fucking hate you so much