Monday, March 24, 2008


I just realized that the information in the last post is outdated! Sorry, sorry

I'm actually leaving on the 5th now. Flight at 6.50pm from KLIA to Singapore. Arrive in Singapore, meet Janene, leave for Brisbane with Janene. From Brisbane, arrive in Port Moresby PNG at 1.40pm. Doulos people pick us up and WE'RE STEPPERS!

On the ship till 11th of June, stay in a hostel in Auckland till the 15th, leave at 1.25pm for Sydney together with Janene, then I head for Adelaide, she heads for Singapore.

Arrive in Adelaide at 6pm, and I don't know what after that.

Leave Adelaide on the 11th of December at 1.30pm, fly to Singapore (transit), and then BACK HOME! At 9pm on the 11th of December.

Oh ya, if anyone's been to Auckland, or know what to do there, TELL ME! Janene and I are still trying to plan our trip. Not easy la! Especially when we're noobs at "holidaying"
That's the blog I'm gonna be updating through email while on the ship as well as when I'm away la. It was actually, but then I'm not floating the entire time I'm away, hence, the change.

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