Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Exhausted I is

oh shit, oh shit, oh shit...
19 days! crap crap crappp
7 more books! die die die
6 more Math books! DIE DIE DIE

I hate being busy! So much to do, so little time. Every single day, I come home from school at 7pm after running around everywhere. And by running, I mean with wheels la...

Doosh la, still haven't seen so many people yet. Argh, whatever la. If I don't even see them, then forget about it right?

Die laaa, 19 days you know.. 19 days ago, I was fussing about it being 36 days left.

I don't know where to start packing la! How do you pack for 8 months away from home at completely different locations with different weathers? And you're only allowed 20kg! I have the bags and everything, but I DON'T know where to start!

I want to sleep! And be LAZY! And do nothing but laze around and wait for 5th of April to drop by! Exhausted I is

ps :I created another blog, with a separate account. It's still under construction. Using it to update people about my time away. Reason why it's separated from this blog is because I'm publicizing it and I don't want any other human being to read this if I can help it. Guess what the blog add is?

pps: Braces coming off-fer-fer on the 25th!

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