Friday, March 28, 2008

The Old


and I still have 5 more books. I really don't think I can finish it all in time. Seriously. Stupid lazy arse. AND, the visas I need for both PNG and AUS are still processing! I'm dead laaaaa

I'm expected to share something about my coming trip in church on Sunday. I have no idea what to do laaaa. I worship lead not enough meh? Doosh.

So I've somewhat packed. 13 shirts for Doulos too much? 3 sets of pajamas? 4 pairs of long pants? 20kg bag to check in plus hand carry plus bagpack. Remember the crazy flightplan? Oh ya, the dress code for PNG is so werid la. I hope it's only for PNG and not the other islands as well. For girls, if we wear pants, we have to wear a shrit that's long enough to COVER the bum completely. Otherwise, a normal shirt with knee lenght skirt. So mah fan la! Where to find long shirt you tell me? The advise given was just to wear skirts. Urgh, now I have to pack more. Plus, I only have 3 knee lenght skirts and they're all precious. Laundry there is once a week and they use this dryer thing that's not really good for clothes. Kinda wears it out. So how la my skirts? boohoo. Oh, and when I'm there, I'm going to tell you guys more about Charlie.

I can't believe I still have more shopping to do! How in the world am I going to find time to shop? This weekends scheduale is already packed packed packed!! I lost so much weight this month! (weee) But I think I'm going to put them on again. I've been trying to stuff myself with all those yummy KL food I'm going to miss so much!

I so feel like changing my plans and come back earlier instead of December. Maybe October/November. Urgh, the fickled mindedness!

Pictures!! at last!!

They're super old because I lost my cable and only just got the adapter for my memory card.

During mime dinner

Last day of school 2007

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