Sunday, May 10, 2009

Written Out

I finally decided to write. about.... I dunno la!

Today's mothers day, I forgot! I remember, then the moment I do, I forget. Like this morning, I remembered when I woke up, then when in church, I greeted the aunties good morning and they looked at me weird. I thought I was just seeing things, but then someone comes along and says "hello, Happy mothers day" and I go CRAP, I forgot. So I sit down with my coffee determind to remember. The next aunty comes up to me and I greet her "Good morning" Super fail I tell you. Lucky I remember to wish mum, though no presents this year - because I keep forgetting!

Anyway, I'm sitting here at the computer with my beer, BFM tuned in and the air con turned on. It's a good day. Though if something happened in the next 5 hours, it would make it an awesomest day. Till then, I shall enjoy this day and take tomorrow when it comes. Tomorrow Solomon comes back! Oh, how I missed that pineapple. Hernia is not something for a 5 year old to go through I teeeeell you. So 5 pineapples in the class tomorrow, I can't wait. Sometimes, I forget I get paid for what I'm doing. Such a bonus=) 

There's uni I could talk about. Been pretty set on Newcastle until Eli360 come in again and now I'm thinking about America again. The only way I can think about it is - how is America better than Australia? SO MANY WAYS - different culture, country, people. Christian uni that leads me into the faith+career path. American system - Liberal arts. etc. and the other question - how is Australia better than America? I'm so attached to Australia - the biggest reason I can think of. So I shall go along with America. I still have other things to deal with besides deciding which country. So if America really happens/can happen, then I'll stick to it. Though my heart still says Australia, Australia, Australia. I HAVE TO GET OVER IT!

The mission trip was great. Not as attached to the people as I normally am when I go up to a kampung, but I got that " I want to stay longer" feeling and it was a strong feeling. So much more to learn, see, experience etc. I got it in Australia and I was blessed. Makes me want to do it again though it isn't easy (another reason for America!) 

I'm rambling. but a post is better than no post yes? besides it's nice to have things written out. I could say more like.. I'm getting so fat but I don't care, or HK may not happen because of the porkie flu, or my rooms a big rubbish dump and I should clean it... Nah!

Well, I hope the moon comes out again tonight. Yesterday, the stars were few and little but the moon was bright and full. So beautiful....

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