Sunday, September 9, 2007

as if

It's not Friday. Oops... What was I thinking? Never mind. Let's pretend it's Friday, then I can tell you about my crazy week. Okay?

It was the first week of school since the holidays and it really wasn't bad at all. Lizzie was actually having fun in class! Well, most of the time... We came to a school that's still under construction and has a prison for a classroom. I have no idea why they boarded up the windows. Next year, there's gonna be bars.

The week was full of cat fights! I got pinched, poked and scratched like mad by Nina and then got scratched, pinched and whacked by the Queen aka ShanaLogic. You can still see the scars!

I got hold of Eclipse!! Yay! Ah... Edward Cullen *dreamssss*

It was such a weird week, I actually did work at home! (it IS big news)

I found out that Nina is leaving soon. TOO SOON! I'm gonna miss her so so so much. I can't remember when was the last time I felt like this. *sob*

Today(Friday), while I was drawing a map, the whole school blacked out! So because they boarded up the windows the whole class was pitch black. So happen, I was wearing a glow-in-the-dark shirt! So I was glowing the whole time and people wouldn't loose me =D The Queen was sooo freaked out, she jumped to my chair, pulled me down and expected me to sit on the chair when her whole butt was on it! She wouldn't even let me stand up cause she was soooo afraid. tsk tsk what a Queen.

I decided on Sunday that I wouldn't have a party outside. Instead, why not one in my house? Get my dad to cook and ask everyone to dress up. So that's what I'm doing tomorrow(Saturday), celebrating my birthday on Lizzie's actual birthday =D =D My dad said I could invite only 10! So it's really limited. I wish I could invite more but my dad is not Superman.

So that's about it for my week. I THINK. Doesn't seem like much but it was nice.
Everybody, cross your fingers(when I cross mine, it doesn't work) and hope I'd put up pictures.

Okay, this is getting too weird. Let's get back to the real world where it's Sunday so I can get back to watching Ugly Betty. *whoosh*

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