Thursday, July 16, 2009

Megan Fox is a man

I'm so hungry I'm going to die. My fat brother says I'm a man. because I get grumpy when I'm hungry and the only way to make me happy is to feed me. I'm grumpy. Kill me or I'll shoot someone to eat them. KEEEEEL ME

ps: fat brother is beside me. he reads post and say I should add: I'M MEGAN FOX. there.

chicken butt pie banana strawberries fish and chips nasi lemak roti bom bom bom give me roti tissue the banana leaf can go die. SMOKED duck and porridge with vegimite!!!!! *listen to me swear through fooood*

oh no. now fat brother is saying: there's smoked duck porridge and vegimite to eat. NO TEMPTATION go die brother. DIEEEEE

oh chocolate raspberries milk and Cheerios red bean bun and noodles biscuits coffee and caramel slice. OH NO GOING TO HEAVEN NOW.

fat brother says: you go kill moth ( he has mottephobia, "i do not" DENIAL) then i will cure this for you. I SAY: GO DIE and I'm not drooling.

rumblerumblerumblerumble GO AWAY BROTHER.

I go sleep now. and not think about rumblerumblerumble. Oh ya: never say never oh wait, it's don't say don't? Don't.. no its do not use the word not. I may eat moth to kill and get rid of brother and shut rumble up. Sleeeeeeeeeeeep if i can. i need earplugs to shut rumble up. AHAHAHAHAHAHHA belly button plug connected to the ear.

sleep and die now.. bye bye

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