Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shana Logic

This is Shana Mae "no" Tock
She calls me an escargo because I'm so slow

Jasmine you're a turtle
turtle turtle turtle
you write so slow
you think so slow
and most of all you eat escargo

Just because she finished her karangan faster than me =P
If you read her blog, you'll be known as a loomer. Don't ask me why, I'm still trying to figure it out!
Shana is THE MAN, or THE QUEEN. depends on the situation. I prefer to call her SHALA. I tried writting a poem about her in return of her poem of me. I tried being as lame as her, fortunately, I failed

Shana calls me an escargo
Just because I'm slow
I call her a cheetah
Cause she's one fast mama-sita(I couldn't think of any other word to rhyme)

I remember when I told her and the freak(I'll introduce her later) a ghost story, her response was so slow. Only after a few seconds did she scream at the top of her voice!

I tend to sleep in class much, but she always wakes me up with her little bangs on the table occasionally(she's my neighboor). She also calls me SF-Science Freak! She thinks I'm obsesed with her because I got bored one day and googled "how shana's brain works" and I came accross this SHANA LOGIC, hence, my title. Shana is THE MAN bacause she's so darn strong. She's a cheerleader. Cheerleaders come across as girly, but Shana is anything but that. She's manly! There are actually alot of things that she said that are very funny, but I can't think of any now... I'll write them down when I remember and dedicate a whole entire post to "Shana's Mumblings"

She's so gonna kill me when she reads this! =P

(This post isn't as funny as I'd like it to be... )

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