Sunday, July 8, 2007


I think I'm getting a hang of this. I THINK. (voice inside my head "no negative thoughts jasmine!") Okay, fine. I sure(that's better)

I'm a movie buff! I don't seem like one, but I most definitely am one!

Transformers Robots in disguise Transformers More than meets the eye

This movie is so cool, I thought I was going to die right there in the cinema. I was twitching and drooling(not so bad la) and everything. Only 10 minutes into it and BOOM! Super cool action scene. I was still high on it 5 days later. Died down a little by now, but thats because I can't remember the scenes as well. Which is why, I'm gonna watch it again! (when the price goes down to 7 of course) And then buy the DVD! Rewind, slow, fast forward... SLOOOW(watch their every movement as they transform) YAY!

This year's a good one. At first, others kinda got me into the "shit, it's a sequel year again" mood. That is before I found out all of the awesome movies that are coming out!

I've got sooo many things to get high on this year!
  1. Harry Potter movie
  2. Harry Potter book
  3. The Simpson's movie
  4. Fantastic Four(ONLY for the Silver Surfer)
  5. Resident Evil 3
  6. Pirates 3
  7. Spiderman 3
  8. Oceans 13
  9. Transformers
  10. Twilight
  11. New Moon
  12. Eclipse
Oh shit! How in the world am I gonna survive this many highs?! Spiderman 3 and Oceans are up there because I was looking forward to it sooo much, but it was a disappointment la... It wasn't as great as I expected it to be. (I thought I could watch it with my brain on at all times) The last 3 on the list are actually books. The first 2 of the books I've read and gotten high on already, the last one, Eclipse, is coming out in August. (ooo, another topic to blog about)
I still have got soo many left to cross out on the list. So far, only 2 movies have been disappointing. And the super great ones thus far are Transformers and Pirates.

I'm gonna die at the end of the year. Seriously.

I got an idea! I'm gonna put up a list of wonderful movies I've watched on the side of my blogpage(I don't know what to call it) Everyone else is putting up songs, so I should do movies =)

Maybe this time, without a reminder at the end of the post, I'll remember to update. MAYBE.

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