Friday, July 27, 2007


I DID IT i did it I DID IT i did it I DID IT i did it I DID IT


He's the BEST and his sword is so cool1

Why do other girls like Bumblebee?

He's okay la, being guardian and all... but Prime is so darn cool! Especially when he speaks to a human face-to-face! I love I love I love this movie so much! The best effect is when the robots transform while fighting and then transform again and again and again(why am I repeating everything three times? ooo, I just remembered! You know in the movie, they also say "no, no, no!" That must be why la!) Yay, I'm subconsciously high on the movie... WEEEE! I can watch it over and over and over again!

I watched it with ring-a-bell-in-May(Maybelle) after I got another tooth pulled out. Luckily I didn't drool again, otherwise I'd drool blood!(my bro actually told me to bring a bib just incase. HAH) I did twitch again though. Could feel my heart racing when Barricade came out and fought Bumblebee for the first time!!

I stayed back after the credits and saw this scene of Starscream fly out into outerspace. There's gonna be a second movie and a third and I'm dyyying. They better do a good job with the second movie man... otherwise, I'll boycott it! Remember Spiderman? The first movie was okay, the second movie was great, the third movie was worse than the first (except for venom). If this happens with Transformers, the second movie being better than the first(hopefully the third won't be so bad la), I think I'm gonna live in the cinema.

This is production in it's FINEST! (Pirates 3 is almost as good though)

Jasmine, stop publishing posts about Transformers

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