Friday, February 20, 2009

Good week

So I've a few things to write about. Last weekend I was in Singapore yes? I had an amazing time. The night before I left was good because B.O.B accompanied me, the electricity blacked out a few times and that was some fun with the brothers. Left at 11am instead of 6, had amazing Indian brunch. Journey there was quite good too. No stress. Dad actually allowed me to drive for a while but I didn't dare. So scary la!

The gathering was nice. My nice and nephew are so cute. They were the highlight of my trip. I want to go back to Singapore just to play with them. Sigh, don't grow up please! Food that night was soooooo good. Aunt from Adelaide brought the salmon, oyster, sharks fin etc. SO.GOOD. Though the worst part of the entire trip was the sleep I had that night. Hardly any blanket, air con blowing directly at me. Nose ran the entire night. Urgh. 

Fortunately the next day was good. Good breakfast - got to love Singapore for the MeePok, visited grandma's altar thing in the temple. Then super good lunch at Island Cafe in Tangs. I hear there's one in Pavilion here, must go try. Then SHOP! Finally bought 2 bags I needed and a purse. So cheap and nice! Oh and not forgetting the charms from Tangs that I almost always buy when I'm there. Bought a snail and a wine opener this time. 

We left Singapore an hour later than expected. The trip back was so good. The view was amazing, the sunset was beautiful, music was good, the stop in Pagoh was interesting. Such a great trip. Felt like I was on a real holiday and not an overnight one. 

See the things in the cupboard? Those are the altars (?) of the deceased. I think they keep the ashes behind it. 

Malaysia can be pretty too!

Lucky shot

Then it was mum's birthday the next day. Went to Westin for dinner. Good food, good wine. 

This is Justin trying to be artistic. I think its quite nice
Ostrich meat

Waiau(?) beef
Lobster. My first time

Good week. And now I have Shaz and Aimee, friends from Australia over. Very good week.

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