Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear Civicky,

Dear Civicky,

I dedicate this post to you simply because you're the only one who I know is reading this. Yes, dedicate. It's a big deal okay!! you better think it is anyway.

"remember, remember the..." meh. Super fail. It is neither the 5th or November. I shall save that line for later. but remember because it is a happy day this September.

I shall be happy and perky and jumpy and dancy and prancy and... whatever else you are when you're sooo tired your body just pushes out happy chemicals. So tired because I had only 4 hours of sleep due to the previous four hour "nap" after arriving home from Bandung.

Ah yes, Bandung. Here are some pictures. Twas a super trip. So full of beautiful things and blessings and wonderful awesomeness and adventures with sooo much laughter and fooooooooooooooooood.

(I can't be bothered with editing. not right now at least.)

I just realized the the pictures are in the wrong order so it might be best you view the pictures bottom up.

I are lazy to write anything else (except that I climbed an active volcano). I'll caption them on facebook, when I get back on it that is. yes, I'm attempting a facebook fast. Let's see how long it'll last this time. It was two days the last time. two

Did I mention that pineapples are AMAZING and I'm so sick of LA?


ps: you better super love the key chain thing, I hunted for it.

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