Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'm just thinking. I would like to look into the future. Yes, just a glimpse, that'd be nice. To see where I am, what I'm doing, who I am etc. I think it'd be interesting. I'm so curious!! I shall build a time machine tonight. So, remember this is where you heard it first. Jasmine will build a time machine. Oh the GLORY! and the FUN! and the... CORRUPTION? I'm so Malaysian I kid myself.

Step 1:

Log out of Blogger

Step 2:

Don't sleep

Step 3:

there are more than 2 steps? man! I want to sleep. I'll build it tomorrow. Good night. Maybe I'll dream the future tonight. Save me from all the steps.

1 comment:

crappyvicky said...

can the time machine fit two of us?

i predict that in the future...

you'll work for me.

i've updated my blog. a lot.