Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Bed

I just got a major flashback of... the bed! I was just thinking of small lights and remembered the one on the bed. We have this little lamp above our pillows on every bed so you can turn off the main switch but still read or whatever with the light on and I remember being the last one to sleep all the time, with the only one with the light on. Then some nights, (Claudia told me) she had to climb up my bed to turn off my light because she can't sleep with it on. Apparently I fall asleep with the light on quite often! Terrible me. I also remember having to jump off the bed and the first few nights or weeks, there were a few casualties because it's low enough to climb down safely without a ladder but still high enough to have to leap a little. Oh such good times. I remember the mess I make on my bed almost everyday, mainly mess that results from me searching for stuff and dumping everything on the bed to look for it. I remember the clothes I dump on it too! Hahahahaha... I just had a flashback of me bumping my head a million times, I can't quite sit up straight on my bed, but that's not the cause of the painful bumps. It's that little shelf next to the pillow side of my bed. When I lean out to look down to talk to suanne or something, I forget there's a sharp corner right above me and BUMP. ouch. 

Safety training which happened this date (8/4) last year

Wonderful Cabin mates
(this could be a photo to gage the height of the top bunks)
My big sisters welcome
Top bunkers! See  that shelf in the middle and the corner right there? That's the evil corner!! If you have real sharp eyes, you can see a small part of the lamp below Janene's bed.

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