Friday, January 4, 2008

Why the Pang

You know what stops me from blogging? Let me run you through my thoughts when I ask myself "Should I blog?"

"I have things to say, but then I won't have any pictures. And I don't feel like writing about that event. All I'll do is write my stuff, but that's not that interesting. People won't really want to read that? Oh forget it! I don't even feel like writing about what happened."

But now, I realised that I SHOULDN'T CARE! It's my freaking blog isn't it? So I can write whatever I want to. In MY timing. So yea.. if you think it's not interesting, then just click the little x box up there at the right hand corner of the page.

Now that that's out of the wayyyy, I'll start blabbering!

You know how I was panicking? Well, I still am. My palms would start sweating and I'd feel all dizzy for awhile. It's kinda happening now actually. And just in case you're wondering why in the world I'm blogging when I've go all these things to do, I'm gonna tell you that it's because I locked myself out of my room, thus preventing me from completing more work. I'm getting sick of telling the same old story again when I'm asked "So what are you doing?" besides answering literally like "I'm talking to you" XD So I'm gonna try to write it all here and also use it as proof to whomever of my plans just in case some people accuse me of changing them.

I'm going to do my SAT's at the end of January, 26th to be exact. Then there's my Grade 8 theory exam on the 10th of March. Between now till the end of March, I've got 8 books of Math, 2 books of LA, and 2 books of science to complete. (yes I know, my fingers a freezing up!)

On the 5th of April(my brothers birthday!), I fly of to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea to join the ship (Doulos)! I'll be sailing to another port in Papua, Vanuatu, 2 ports in Fiji, and finally Auckland, New Zealand. If possible(and I really want to!) I'd stay in Auckland for a while as a tourist or maybe help out with the ship a little more for a few weeks and then off to Adelaide! I'd fly off to stay with my aunt ( yet to liaise with her) and uncle in their humongous bungalow. Don't exactly know what I'm gonna do there yet. Travel abit, work, join a short term mission trip there. I'd also be searching for anything I can do there to further my studies. If I find anything good, I'd stay there to complete it. Otherwise, I'd come back to KL preferably in December.

So there you have it =D When I leave in April, it could be my last time saying good bye.

Okay, my fingers are so cold, I think they're gonna be chopped off.

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