Monday, January 28, 2008

He died!

I'm in shock. I just found out that one of my favourite actors was found dead in his apartment on the 22nd of January. I can't even type properly.

Sigh, he was one of the best!

Sad news aside, (well, at least this sad news.. sigh) I've got about 65 days left I think. Just went through a list of things I'll be missing while I'm gone.

GB Awards Day
GB Enrolment Day
GB Sengoi visitation
GB inter squad competitions
School sports day
School debate competition
Huey Sing's birthday
May's birthday
Sarah's birthday
Kathy and Joy's birthday
Jasmine junior's birthday
Shana's birthday
Maybelle's birthday
Alot more birthdays!
Some rally thingy
Some other enrolment
Durian season
Parents 25th anniversary
Not being able to sat good bye to some friends
Nina! ( She's coming back in August =( )

And the list goes on...

The worst is not being able to see Nina. I actually had to think twice about staying longer. Come back to see her, or stay there and miss her? Sigh, of course it ended up to be the latter =( I miss her so much.

I am ready to leave now. It's actually the perfect time. I have things that'll be left behind, but I think it's better I leave than stick around to watch it fall apart. Again. Things come and go all the time in my life. Sorry, it's everything that changes, even in a short span of any amount of time. Let's see how it'll will end up if I just leave it stagnant.

My worse fear of coming back home after such a long time would be the gap. I hate gaps in life. Absolutely hate it. Especially when its not filled with anything. When I leave and come back, there's gonna be this huge gap. Will things be the same? Will the same friends be there? What would be different? I know things always have to change, which is the main reason why I'd hate the gap so much. I'd come back to a life that won't be the same, even if it's just for 8 months. I'll definitely miss home, but I'll also definitely be thinking twice about coming home. What's left for me back here by then?

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