Sunday, January 20, 2008

And I blab

Let's see... my blabbing should start with?

SAT is in 6 days!
I finally get an iPod!
I almost crashed my car. Twice!!
Parents not home for 6 days!
Braces can come off soon!

You know what's the best song in the world right now at this moment? I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL! (okay, random. Sorry.. But it's soo good!) I don't have pictures today la, only a video of.. well, you'll see.

*counts* So it's 75 more days. I really didn't think I'd be this reluctant to leave. I thought it'll be easier and things will be okay like it has always been. But my heart is getting heavier every passing day. Sigh, I wish I could pack everything and take along with me.

My parents are actually in Hong Kong now. Have been since Thursday and coming home on Tuesday. Mum said she'd buy clothes for me. Hope I can fit into them. They're getting iPods for my bro's and I! weeeeee! Finally =D The house is in a mess and I hate doing laundry and dishes. And yes, I'm broke =(

I shall tell you more about my darling beautiful blue fish later. Once my parents come back with the camera. You know, I spent the whole night getting the cam into good condition and my very very intelligent parents left for HK without the battery!

About the car, well.. we live in Malaysia don't we? HEH!

I'm still trying to figure out how I'm gonna blog while I'm on the ship. You'd want updates won't you?? =P Someone tell me if you know ya? I heard about something like blogging through email or something like that.

Lalalalalaaaaa... I heart dory the fishhy. Both the human one and the soft adorable beautiful one. Sing Song shall not kill me! You are girl friends, but we're fish friends! We have a special fishy bond. Fishes rock!

Eunice tried to be smart. But oh well... XD ( I'm such a girl in this video) You're gonna have to tilt your head for this

The girlfriends tried to rape me. Of course, they FAILED!

I would upload them on youtube.. but then, I've got a virus on my comp that laughs at me.

I'm gonna eat dinner now. My bro cooked. So please pray for me.

edit: my brother's an IDIOT! he was playing with my darling dory making her dance to the rock and roll song, and it ended up in my plate of pasta! SCREW HIM LA! Now, she's gonna smell like tomatoes. That IDIOT!! ... made me cry =( =(

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