Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eighty Five Days

That's how long I have till I leave. That's how long I have to complete all I have to. I'm actually taking a break from the mad schedule I made for myself. The number one priority now is my SAT. Only 16 days more for that. I think I'll be fine if I study consistently as planned.

School's okay. It's quiet. Very quiet. Except for that one mouth that won't close. But it's good I guess. No distractions from work. I miss Kathy though, miss her more than I thought I would. Mun Yee left =( Haven't talked to her since she told me. Feel quite angry at her for I don't know what reason. I shall wait till it wears off and call her. She's a good friend. Gosh, I still miss Nina like crazy.

Urgh. Studying is not fun at all. I'm not use to this kind of stress even though I should be as a student. Call me spoilt =P

I still get scared at the thought of leaving. So scared I tell you! But it's been okay. Every time I start to freeze up, God will immediately show me something to calm me down! I love my Lord!! I'd be leaving a few things(friends, GB etc) behind that I wish I could take along. Only a few though. I'm not one to hold on to things forever. But of course, there'd be some.

Doulos is gonna be awesome. I can't wait! Have got a quite a few things left to do. One at a time. Oh! Do you know that I'll be sailing for more than 10 days?! Weeeeeeeee

I love kids (random I know, but you don't have to know why I said it =P)

About time I have some pictures on my blue blog don't you think? All taken with camera phones. Sorry! But hey, they're pictures!

This was my view on New Year's Day. A panoramic view of KL and more from Bangsar. Imagine our view of the fireworks! Twas awesome

Us three girls of the night. Me, Sing Song and Eunice. Continue reading. *scroll*

All six of us after yummy drinks. The blackies are 10th KLs and the odd red one there's the only 1st KL GB.

My dorky brother who spent half of New Years with us "kids"

What Eunice did to my bro's ice cream

and this is Eunice! My new friend =) The other Dory!

and Maka! The other 10th KLian who didn't make it to countdown.

So there you go. They're quite disorganized but I don't really care. You can see that I've been hanging out with 10th KL people which is quite weird. Christmas Day, New Years and another event. It's because I've been hanging out with Huey Sing more and she comes with that particular "package". I'm glad I've gotten to know them, Brigade wert... all same kind of lameness =D Too bad I'll be leaving so soon, wish I've gotten to know them earlier.

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