Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stupid American Test

Stupid American Test
I just finished it. Well, not just la... more like 3 hours ago. I did so badly I think I'm gonna have to do it again. Sigh, I ran out of time for so may sections it's crazy! I thought English I would be good at and the Math scared me a little. But thennnn, as usual la, I did well for the one I'm worst at and did very badly for the one I was okay with. I think I'm gonna get 1400? Maybe 1200? I dunno la. Urgh, I was hoping to get above 1600 which is the AVERAGE! Die laaa... If I really have to take it again, maybe when I come back.

Lalala.. At least it ONE DOWN! Two more things to get over with before I leave.

Sigh, I'm leaving so soon and yet I've got so much to do!!!! CNY is coming and I'm gonna be in Singapore! Yay, angpau $ x2!

Time to go, its 4 and I haven't had anything to eat since the 2 digestive biscuits I consumed during the break. Plus, I had to wake up at 6.30am! I hate early mornings!! I'm dead tired now. Wish I didn't have to get back to GB later

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