Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I shall remember

I'm a hero! Three post in three days!! *applause* thank you thank you

No, really I'm a hero... I went to a clinic, got a jabbed, and went to the hospital. All this with a brother on crutches* and no car. All I did was wait for a cab to come to me. Hear that? Wait for cab to come to me. Twice. With only RM20 in my purse. Yes, I'm a true hero.
*he got knocked by a car that swerved into the ally too fast. The car knocked him on his knee and fell on his back onto a curb. drama drama drama

So I was waiting in the hospital for the x-ray report (you know la, Malaysia... so it took ages) reading My sisters keeper. (I was reading a book that has its main setting in a hospital while I'm in a hospital.) Gosh, I think it's the hormones because at the end of every single paragraph, I had to take a deep deep breaths before I could go on. It is so so so deep.

I guess the hormones and the reading did me good. (And the hospital too I guess, because I don't read unless I have nothing else to do lest I get distracted) I got me thinking again and I realised that I've forgotten something important.

When I was 13/14, I was asked "what do you want to do when you grow up?" I would answer them "a missionary, a relief worker or anything like that" Because at that time, I already knew that all I wanted to do was help others. In any way possible. Help anyone with something they aren't capable of doing themselves. Help them in their daily lives. Help them by just being there. Help them receive salvation that hasn't touched them yet. I have all these things so many other people don't! So why would I want to waste it on going to Starbucks every other afternoon, or spend a fortune on clothes or go party every other night and blablabla... Of course I'm not saying it's completely wrong to do these things. If I had the means to do so, I wouldn't mind it. But what I'm trying get at is that I don't want to just sit around doing things for myself. Sending a check or two to organizations is good, but I always felt that it's not enough. I want to give. Give all I have to those who don't have.

Through all this chaos of studying, preparing and pressure from making important decisions, I lost track of my initial intention. All I thought about was what I'm going to do or how it would affect my future and all... I want to give. And that I shall never forget again because my Lord loves me and knows whats best for me, therefore will never never never let me go astray.

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