Friday, March 20, 2009


It's been awhile I guess? but definitely not as long as my previous hiatus. What's happened since?

I dunno lots I guess. 
School holidays this week, but none for me. Stupid American test.
I've bought heaps of books! Wonderful colorful cheap books!

I lost track of things I should have written down. So I'll let pictures do the talking. 

Why so serious Chique?
I tutor my brother. Right
Hamlet for school. Not fun. Yet at least

I love Avocados. One of the first things I missed from Australia. real lucky to have gotten them here. Not as nice, but I'll take it.
And you know Shaz and Aimee were here. We ate, ate, ate and walked about abit.
The waiter who forgot my order! Why does he look like my brother?
My mum-diva-principle/my boss
Brother tutors brother too. Ya man..

Went Fugitive hunting on its last day. Went all around with Maybelle and Jack, asking strangers "Are you the fugitive?" in hope of winning 10k-15k! Must be super thick skin wei. Twas fun, but disappointing when nobody won.

Fugy hunters
I got distracted
Too beautiful to pass up

Teaching with my mum
My class! minus one

Thats how they play hide and seek, don't ask why.

Pretty sunsets
Pretty sunsets
Beautiful nights

Got to love Roald Dahl. Super good buy!
Love the current rack.
Got to love Dr Seuss too. You don't find books like these anymore. Steal!
Read this a month ago. Very good, am now on second book.

Second book. Loving it

Fat brother buying books. Where I spent RM100! While paying, I was thinking  out loud "Jasmine, what are you doing?!" but it's worth it.

Dusted off, here I go again!

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Kylie said...

What's the fugitive hunter thing about??