Sunday, February 10, 2008


Yes, Im in blogging from Singapore. Paid 1 Sing dollar to use the internet for 15 min. I've got 10 more, so I shouldn't waste it since I didn't receive anything important. Im blogging through my email!! I finally figured out how=D
Singapore is nice. Not that many ang pao's but the foos and shopping has been great! oh crap.. I was suppose to get a camera. Darn. Sale everywhere! and they have rasbery m&m's!! gonna get a few packets back home =D
And and and and and.... I GOT A DORY POSTER!! *screams* aaaaaaaaaaahh!!
I'm staying in the gardens hotel. For once, after my whole life of staying at relatives puny flats, we're staying in a hotel. It's old... but nice, and clean. My bro's and I wanted to go check out the pool on the 5th floor, but it's damn scary cause it's so dark. Ended up here wasting 2. something something ringgit.
5 more min, um... it's 1.27am right now actually. We're leaving at 5am to avoid the jam. I have super cute nice and nephews! Babies =D =D My naphew loves Transformers! It runs in the family la..
Okay, 3 more min. Time to post this up

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