Sunday, February 17, 2008

And Again

I guess I should blog, but I wouldn’t be if not for the fact that its 2.34am and I have no room to go to again. I locked myself out of the room. Again. So not a great way to start a Saturday, especially one that is packed with important events. My day just went south from then onwards, but it was all good when I arrived at GB. The cadets ar.... they make my day! Didn’t get to see them for three weeks and I’ve already missed them much much much. How am I gonna survive without them for 8 months?! Super duper uber mega cute little girls =D =D

I got my SAT results! I thought I was only going to get them on the 25th, until I saw that particular email. It's okay I guess. I didn't get 1600, but I also just found out that that's not the average score =P The average score is about 1500. Remember how I was expecting 1200 or 1300? I did better than that. Yay! Such a relief.

I haven't written about my preparation for Doulos for quite some time now... I have RM4000 more to raise and right now, I really don't know how to raise that last amount. Then again, I've received RM11000 and that's awesome don't you think?? I also found out that I can only bring 20kg with me. I think that's the normal limit for any flight, but how in the world am I going to fit 8 months worth of living away from home? Especially when packing for Doulos would be different from packing for Australia. e.g. packing something I need for Aus but not at all for the ship therefore taking up space for things I'd actually need on the ship.

I actually wanted to spend sometime in Auckland after I get off from the ship. Holiday there abit for maybe a week. I mean, I'm already there right? So I might as well... But then, I don't have a place to stay! And my dad is too much of a dad (protective, if you don't get me) to let me stay in a hostel. His reasons are fine, but then again, when will I get another chance to be there?

Last night, my dad was talking me through all the airport stuff. I've only been on a plane twice btw. Once when I was too small to remember, and once about 3 years ago. The first was to Singapore and the other to Kuching. And, the only other country I've been to is Singapore. Therefore, this flight thing is going to be quite scary since I've got about 3 trips to make. Not to mention the transits. Which means about 2 to 6 planes.... And, all alone! And, I've never done it before!! Scaryyy

49 more days. I'm going to miss home abit, but I still CAN'T WAIT TO GO!!

Ah yes, CNY has been okay only. Didn't play black jack at all! Didn't even get to see a lion dance! Ishh... Nevertheless, it's okayy, been playing alot of mah jong though =D Ang pow also not as many, but I haven't even started counting. Singapore ones also not bad I guess. Haven't even opened any yet. And, just for the sake of mentioning it, I didn't get to buy any pink M&M's, didn't have time =(

Okay, time to go sleep on the couch

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