Friday, February 29, 2008

I wish, I need, Maybe

I wish I could get sucked in a hole and maybe come out at another end to a whole different universe. I wish the myth about sinking sand was true. That at the other end, You're in a different place. I wish I could freeze myself and wake up in the future like Cartman. I wish I could go to heaven right now. I wish I could stop my beating heart. I wish I could shut my brain completely off. I wish I could just leave. I wish I could erase my memories, both good and bad ones. I wish I could be sent to the butcher to be chopped up alive. I wish I could be sliced open and my guts taken out of me. I wish I could point a shotgun and blow my head up. I wish the human race could be extinct. I wish that everyone was sad.

I need a new brain. I need a new heart. I need all things old to be burnt fried and sent to hell. Or rather, sent to hell to be burnt and fried. I need to run away. I need a complete change.

Then maybe, just maybe, I could be truly happy forever.

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